Yoga Teacher in easy postureBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

What are some of the common hurdles to becoming a Yoga teacher? What can you do about them? Here’s a way to accomplish your dream of becoming a Yoga teacher, without causing you any stress.

Does the thought of changing careers to become a Yoga teacher cause you anxiety? Most people do get nervous when thinking about a career change. Even though teaching Yoga is a gratifying career; leaving the security of your regular job can cause excitement, anticipation, and apprehension.

Teaching Yoga might look a little scary and you wonder about getting a regular weekly pay check. Will your income be unsteady? After all, you still have “bills to pay.” So, money may be the biggest cause of turmoil within your mind.

Therefore, you should cautiously venture into teaching Yoga as a “part time hobby.” Have fun and watch your Yoga student memberships grow without putting any pressure on you. There is no need to “jump in with both feet,” unless you are in a financial position to do so. It is better to take small steps toward your goal of teaching Yoga than to make one giant leap without looking.

Fears can be justified, but you should envision your life from a successful view point first. This will enable you to find rational solutions toward realizing your goals. Fear of failure can paralyze any of us.

Are you guilty of wishful thinking? This is what most people do every day. This is what happens when we have an idea, but take no action. When thinking about becoming a Yoga teacher, or anything else, you need to design a plan.

Your plan should be in writing and should contain a sensible sequence of events. Avoid “settling for less,” when you draw up a plan for your future. If your want to make a career change: Think big, and take action. Design a low risk plan that progresses in small steps. You will be much more confident in yourself, once you take action.

Design a web site, business cards, letter head, or Blog for your Yoga teaching services. These small steps create self-confidence and expand your vision. Take note of your strong points, weak points, and educate yourself to “fill any gaps.” Learn everything about Yoga and teaching that you can, while you have the time.

Find Yoga teacher mentors, take Yoga courses, read books, watch Yoga DVD’s, go to workshops, seminars, or Yoga retreats. The only thing that can stop you from becoming a Yoga teacher is inaction.


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