By Yogi Abhit

Why can’t an uprooted mango plant give us a mango? Because it is separated from its source; it is not in the state of yoga with its origin. If one tries to get a mango forcefully from it, then how much pain will it experience? Can you imagine it? Of course it will be immense.

Yes, exactly that amount of pain is being experienced by all those women who are in the state of delivery; because they are also distracted from their being. Also they are not in the state of yogic bliss with their source.

When that mango plant is not uprooted from the ground then no extra force will be needed to get mangoes in the right time. Much to the same applies with the women also, that if they are in the natural state of yogic bliss with their source, they need not experience any kind of pain while they are giving birth to their child; because it is already in the nature’s law and system to come out easily for a baby from its mother. It is in the very intelligence of this existence.

Hence, a woman practicing any type of yoga training will experience exactly the opposite state of which others are experiencing right now. And it is needless to say, that state will be of immense pleasure and of bliss.

Therefore, it is the golden opportunity for all yoga teacher training organizations. So, let’s coordinate and design a special kind of yoga teacher training course which will certainly help us to meet the millions of women’s expectation. Those who are crying today while giving birth will stop their cry and start to feel immense pleasure, peace and a certain kind of contentment of being mother.

To experience a deep contentment after being a mother is the sole right of every woman. But unfortunately, they are lacking this because of not being in the state of yoga. Hence it is the best chance for yoga teacher training to help. Isn’t it?


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