10 Yoga Tips for Everyday Living

By Lisa Askem

1. Check your posture. Observe how you stand, sit and walk at all times. Being aware of yourself is a reminder of who you are.

2. Use your pelvic floor and stomach muscles at all times. Not only will this strengthen the spine and tone the abdominals but you will feel up lifted all day long. You will also reduce any need to do stomach exercises as the transverse stomach muscles will be working all day long.

3. Pelvic floor muscles this needs repeating, no-one wants to be an incontinent old lady – that’s enough to make everyone lift them high. It’s said in classical yoga that those who have control over the pelvic floor (Mulha Bandha) will regain the vitality of a youth of 16!

4. Moderation. Eat, drink, play, work in moderation. Do not do things to excess.

5. Blessed are those who live without expectation. Learn to let go of what your trying to control. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

6. Breathe well. learn to let go of your breath. Do not hold on to it. Be aware of your breathing rate and how it changes in different situations, especially when under stress.

7. Take time to be still and quiet. Next time when sitting in traffic observe your breathing whist waiting for the traffic lights to change. If you relax your face muscles and take long out-breaths you will arrive at your destination relaxed and happy.

8. Learn to relax. 20mins of relaxation is as beneficial as 5 hours deep sleep. Lie on the floor in a quiet warm space. Give your mind a rest.

9. Look at everything in a positive way. Work out your profit and loss in all situations.

10. Don’t be afraid to stop. It’s only when we are still that we can really move.

Lisa Askem, Yoga Teacher https://www.Benditlikelisa.co.uk Member of https://www.WomenWorking4Women.co.uk

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