By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

These days – it is not hard to find a Yoga teacher certification course, but in this economy, where do you find a fairly priced program? Some on-site courses can run over ten thousand dollars. Even a low priced on-site program is in the neighborhood of two thousand dollars.

The training could take from five months to two years to complete. You could also travel to India for a reasonable priced on-site program, but the cost of traveling is worth factoring into your expenses.

So, where do you turn? Correspondence courses for college education have been around for years. Many of them are completely “on the level.” It is the same in Yoga teacher education. There are organizations, and Yoga teacher trainers, who produce correspondence courses for certification, and continuing education, of existing instructors.

Who would want to consider a distance learning course to become a Yoga instructor? Anyone who has obligations, at home, might consider such a course. Some employers will not grant you permission to take a month out of the year to train for your “dream job.”

In the current economy, employers are “holding all of the cards,” and they know it. Just mentioning training for another job will not go over well.

Many Yoga teachers are women, who have children living at home. With that said; who will take care of their children for a month? Training at home, to become a Yoga teacher, is a viable option for anyone who has commitments.

What is the price range of an at-home Yoga teacher training course? Prices vary, but you can find reputable Yoga certification courses in the four to five hundred US dollar range.

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