By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

There is a myth, which makes its way around alternative healing circles. Basically, there is a massive proliferation of the belief that visualization and wishful thinking are enough to succeed in life. The words work, motivation, and action, are not “in style” or “politically correct.” Sorry to say it, but motivation, action, and work, are required to be successful at anything, especially teaching Yoga classes.

Motivation is a spark, which causes action and creates success through work. Yet, what if we have been taught that abundance and success are not spiritual pursuits? If you have that much abundance and success, you can always help others. There is no shortage of worthy causes, which need financial help and volunteers.

If success is still an issue, and you have taken a pledge to live in poverty as a reflection of your spiritual growth, there is still a reason to take action. Improvement in your actions and life skills is a major part of spiritual growth.

The first step in improving our practice as Yoga teachers is to read. This requires all of us to read daily. Reading more about Yoga, holistic approaches to health, and inspirational views of life, will improve our performance as a Yoga instructor.

There are more Yoga magazines and books than ever before. It was not that long ago, when public libraries had only a few Yoga books on hand. There are also many audio books available. Some people download MP3’s from the internet for use during the day.

The audio learning option gives you much more flexibility than ever before, because you are not wasting time in commuter traffic, in transit, while waiting in line, or while waiting at the doctor’s office.

You will be much more patient during what is perceived as “waiting time,” than ever before, because you are learning and improving any time you wish. You are turning waiting time into “fun time.”

Waiting commonly causes stress, anger, anxiety, tension, and tends to wear us out physically, emotionally, and mentally. With the use of audio books, you can turn this time into an incredibly positive experience.

As a result of the way you take advantage of waiting time, your health is improved, and you will be motivated when reading or listening to inspirational materials. There is no limit to the topics you can choose.

Affirmations are useful, but what if you could find a book full of them? What if you could find an audio recording full of them? The result would be an overwhelming wave of positive energy.

Lastly, visualization is powerful; especially, after reading a book or listening to an audio book. Once you have reached this level of motivation, you should act upon it or write your intentions down. You are guaranteed to bring motivation with you anywhere you go.

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