By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

If you teach any form of Yoga, you are expected to be a living example of good health. This can be easy for some and a daunting task for others. Any one of us could suffer from any one of the multitudes of ailments or diseases, while living a healthy lifestyle.

When students see you for the first time, they make initial judgments. Whether it is right or wrong, people make judgments. Bearing this in mind, Yoga teachers should be eating correctly, cross training, getting a good night’s sleep, and abstaining from bad health habits.

Body weight is difficult to control; especially if you have reached middle age. As a result, your diet and physical activities should be regulated according to your present weight. Walking, jogging, or swimming, should be part of your daily routine.

How much cross training is necessary? This depends on your present body weight, your blood pressure, and the condition of your heart. Some studies recommend walking 10,000 steps per day.

You could log this in by using a pedometer. It has also been discovered that moderate intensity exercises, such as: Swimming, biking, walking briskly, or dancing, are also of great benefit to our overall physical health.

The most important thing is to take part in physical activities, which you find stimulating. In good weather, a brisk walk outside is a wise habit. Granted, there are machines, which are designed for moderate intensity exercise. The elliptical trainer is a good example of such a machine.

Eating correctly, and moderately, should be no mystery to any of us. The Sattvic, or Yogic Diet, has plenty of solutions for weight control. One thing to consider is that raw vegetables, fruits, and water, are of extreme value to your physical health.

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