By Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Have you ever met a Yoga teacher who was disgruntled about his or her position? Is it being around Yoga all the time or is it an ideal occupation? What would it be like to be inspired, motivated, and respected at work?

If you attend Yoga classes, you may sometimes wonder if there is any stress in teaching at all. As it would be, all jobs are capable of having some stress, but stress is more manageable, if you enjoy your line of work.

Fear of losing your job, conflicts, unrealistic production or sales quotas, and a feeling of helplessness, are common in the work place today. Whole departments are being terminated, while their work is outsourced. The chance of a promotion, a raise, or having any input in company decisions are a thing of the past. Where could you find job satisfaction?

To be completely satisfied, one must feel productive, appreciated, respected, and be paid a fair salary. Is this idea of worker satisfaction a complete myth? It is possible to change your attitude toward your work place. You could listen to relaxing music, or a self-improvement audio book, during your morning commute.

This would give you positive energy as you begin your work day. If it is permitted, you may be able to listen to more relaxing music or self-improvement audio books at your work station. It is possible that this might be enough to reduce your stress levels. You might be able to make time to attend Yoga classes, get a massage, or go for a walk, on a regular basis.

To maintain job satisfaction, and reduce stress, is a daily strategy to keep your mental, physical, and emotional health intact. One must make a concerted effort to maintain holistic health. Yet, it can be difficult to remain positive, when your job security is threatened on a daily basis.

The prospect of teaching Yoga classes, helping others, and having a valued opinion, may see like a myth, but you will never know, unless you research it.

One last thing for you to consider: Nobody becomes a Yoga teacher, without some planning. Many instructors start out by teaching a couple of classes per week. You could teach more, if you desire.

Teaching, part-time, leaves you with plenty of energy to attend your regular job. Being a part-time Yoga instructor also places you at a unique point in your life. Much like sitting on a fence, you have a view of what it is like to feel productive, appreciated, respected, and be paid a fair salary. You may decide to teach more Yoga classes, if you wish.

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