affordable yoga teacher training coursesBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

If you teach Yoga part-time, or full-time, you are aware of a core group within your classes. These are students who you can set your watch by. As a Yoga instructor, you feel there is nothing better than teaching a Yoga session with students who appreciate the rewards of regular practice.

However, we do not always teach our core group. Some teachers conduct a large number of classes within health clubs. The fitness-minded atmosphere is much like a revolving door. Some large fitness centers in New England have well over a thousand “paying” members.

While that number of members is large, you might never see them at the facility at all. They had good intentions to make a life change, but the television, couch, soda, beer, and potato chips, called to them. If they show up for a Yoga class, it will be just once as a walk-in.

As they leave, you might hear, “That was the best Yoga session I ever attended.” Let’s get a reality check: Your class may be the only one they ever attend. After that, they might permanently disappear, with the dust mites in their living room.

What can you do about it? You are not the owner of the fitness center. This is your only chance to make them aware that they could add another decade, or two, of quality life, by practicing regularly.

There is one solution, but it will not always work. Have a handout prepared and give it to your students, or at least – make it visible. If the health club manager allows it, place your contact information on it. You should also have a web site or blog with more information about the health benefits of Yoga.

As a Yoga teacher, or someone who wants to be there, are trends you should be aware of. When economic trends are rough, you will continue to see your core Yoga students. This close knit relationship between teacher and student is the traditional way.

Only within the past two decades, did warehouses, full of new students, suddenly appear. Worldwide, there are new students arriving to Yoga classes every day. If you want to keep your classes small, do not tell students about the benefits of Yoga.

On the other hand, if you want to expand your classes, and have the room for it, you should make factual information available. A prospective student makes the first step by attending our classes, but it is up to us to make him or her aware of the realistic benefits of Yoga practice.

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