Yoga TrainingSometimes our graduates are willing to share their personal experiences with you.  Below is such a true life experience that I thought it would be good to share on the Yoga Teacher Training Blog.

 Hi Paul!

Hope things are going well for you. Wanted to tell you that my yoga business has taken off over the last six months. It is overwhelming in in both good and bad ways.

Thought you might be interested in hearing this: My sister, who has been my yoga teacher and mentor for over 13 years, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in December. As she grew weaker my practice started to grow stronger. I began to feel guilty that I was doing more as she was able to do less and less. One night, as I sat pondering this with God, the answer came to me. My sister, who is a divine and beautiful being, must be channeling through me. I really think her work here on earth as a physical being was completed and she decided that I would carry on her legacy. My sister passed on September 11th of this year. I now dedicate every class I teach in her honor and try my best to continue the work that she started.

Since then, my private yoga classes have nearly doubled. The classes I teach at the local college campus are packed. At the children’s psychiatric hospital, where I also work, I teach a weekly yoga class to a group of conduct-disordered girls (girls with long-term criminal sentences who have been sent to us to do their time in a therapeutic setting vs correctional). The girls demanded that it be added to their program! Other units have now started requesting that I come and teach their patients. I am assisting our therapeutic recreational services department in implementing a yoga-influenced fitness program that is being offered to all of our adolescent patients on a weekly basis.

I want to thank again for the significant role you have played in helping me to manifest my yoga goals. If you want to share my story with others, feel free to do so.

Take care, Namaste,
Anna Bain

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