affordable yoga teacher training coursesBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Every once in a while, we receive positive feedback from visitors to our site, who have found answers and information, that helped their students.  To be an independent resource, for Yoga teacher information, is the purpose of the Yoga Teacher Community from Aura Wellness Center.

Let’s highlight some of the features that Yoga teachers, from around the world, can access from us.

The Yoga Teacher Training Forum was designed to help Yoga teachers, from any style of Yoga, to communicate with each other.  In truth, my participation has been somewhat intermittent.  When the forum was first designed, I had intended to check in a few times a day.  Lately, I am lucky if I can check in a few times a week.

However, moderators and contributors have stepped forward and regularly answer questions on a variety of subjects.  The most amazing part of the Yoga forums is how many countries are represented within the membership. A Yoga teacher from the United States can write to a Yoga teacher from Iran.  Alternately, a teacher from India may be discussing aspects of Yoga, with a teacher from Canada. With all that said, the Yoga forums, alone, have surpassed my original goals.

Let’s look at some of the other features that our members regularly use for information resources.

The Yoga Teacher Training Blog is where you are at this moment.  We have managed to surpass over 1000 articles at this site, alone.

Past issues of our newsletters give Yoga teachers some keen insight regarding deeper aspects of Yoga and about particular techniques.  Dr. Rita Khanna has been a regular contributor of information, where normally, most Yoga teachers would have to attend an intensive.

The Audio Resource Center is still in its infancy, but it has 14 subjects that Yoga instructors, or serious practitioners, can reference.

The online Yoga video section also has a number of resources that anyone can access.  Granted, there are Yoga sites with paid memberships for people who want to have 100 percent access, but our members have full access with no fees.

Feel free to visit the following sites to visit our social networks.






It is my sincere hope to make the Yoga teacher community completely interactive, so that anyone can have access to more information about Yoga.


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