vinyasa yoga teacher trainingBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Why would someone choose to teach Yoga classes? There are many events in life, which just seem to happen, but deciding to go through a Yoga teacher training course is not one of them. Whether you choose to teach, or your teacher suggests it, there are many different factors to consider if one decides to become a Yoga teacher. The following are thoughts to consider when Yoga students become teachers.

Teaching others to improve their lives is sharing the gift of Yogic knowledge. All practitioners reap the reward of steady practice. Imparting this knowledge, to a group of students, improves their lives and the lives of everyone they know. Inner peace is like a candle in the darkness. Each candle lights up a corner of the earth. Yoga enlightens humanity in the same way.

Showing people of all ages, to have fun and enjoy their lives, is part of teaching any form of Yoga. Through Yoga practice, children learn skills that will last a lifetime. Teens build self-esteem and learn how to prioritize peer pressure. Adults learn to relax and practice Yogic stress management techniques during their working years. Seniors socialize with their peers in chair Yoga classes, and learn how to maintain health on all levels.

There are many choices for becoming a Yoga teacher specialist. Some instructors prefer to teach prenatal, mommy and me, or chair Yoga classes. It’s really a matter of where each of us feels we are needed. Some of us may only be interested in training athletes, while some of us may choose to help students who seek Yoga to reduce pain. When you consider the needs of groups, within your area, there are unlimited possibilities.

Teaching Yoga allows each of us to make a positive difference in our communities. How many people do you know who are making a difference in your community? There are always a few, but most people are struggling financially in a good economy or a bad one. Their life priorities are to pay the bills and put food on the table.

There is nothing wrong with surviving for a better day. Many of us have some experience at surviving a few storms. Yoga is valuable for the survivalist, and it gives us direction in the worst of times. To maintain one’s sanity, during life’s ups and downs, is no accident. Counselors of all kinds know the value of applying Yoga, relaxation, and meditation, to daily life. Our sanity is a priceless gift, and Yoga allows us to keep it at all times.

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