power yoga teacher training programBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

To become a Yoga teacher is rewarding, but it is contains daily challenges. Below are three different challenges that Yoga teacher interns should put to rest. Even if these challenges do not apply to us personally, it is good to be aware of them for our personal health and that of others.

The Perfection Trap

None of us is perfect. The longer we live, the more imperfections we find within ourselves. A mild case of being a perfectionist can strain or destroy relationships. An excessive case can become a form of excessive compulsive disorder. This can cause behavior that makes one feel compelled to constantly check for potential mistakes that might reveal his or her personal imperfections.

One of the basics in our foundational Yoga training is to let go of judgment. Yet, how many of us can let it go? If we are programmed to be perfect for 30 years, can we stop today? Letting go of the excessive demand for perfection is a gradual process, which may require professional counseling.

There is nothing wrong with wanting life to be perfect; however, you can tell when it is getting out of hand, when the relationships around you are suffering because of it. In this case, it may require counseling for a family or a couple.

On the other hand, a person, who lives in complete disorganization, is apt to create frustration with people who have organized lives. There is a delicate balance between the desire to improve and the demand for perfection.

Fear of Relationships

Each of us has life experiences which occur, due to vulnerability that is part of the relationship-forming process. When we extend ourselves toward another human being, we open ourselves up to the rewards and consequences of negative or positive emotions.

This can happen in any type of relationship. In the teacher/student relationship, the teacher’s feelings should be more reserved. There should be a “mental” line drawn between a professional relationship and any extension of emotional attachment.

Helping Everyone but You

This is like the carpenter, who repairs everyone’s home, but never has the time to fix his or her own house. This desire to help everyone first happens to professionals and trades people of all kinds. With that said – the most common reason people teach Yoga to others is to share the gift of being able to help others help themselves.

Yoga is a method of self-healing that requires each of us to invest time in our personal practice – regardless of how many years we have been practicing.

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