power yoga teacher training programBy Sanjeev Patel, CYT 500

It is a wise practice to mention the benefits students are feeling when you teach Yoga classes. So much is going on in the minds of our students that there is a need for them to become mindful of the instant benefits, which happen during a Yoga class.

Relaxing and alignment of Cervical vertebrae – when the different parts of the cervical spine are injured, compressed, misaligned, or start to wear out, your neck can be a significant source of pain and discomfort. Yoga sessions can be a source of pain management or reduction.

Some Yoga poses specifically benefit the neck. Taking Standing Forward Bend as an example, if you let your neck and shoulder go loose when holding that pose, the gravity will do the work, to realign it. Thus your student feels relief from stiffness or tension within the neck.

As you were taught in your Yoga teacher certification course – unless you are a chiropractor, please avoid adjusting the neck, as it is unsafe to manipulate your student’s cervical vertebrae.

Asanas also help counter the effects of gravity – gravity tends to compress our joints, the longer we live. The spine benefits from postures, by allowing the spine to decompress during asanas, such as Downward Dog or Mecca Pose. There are other parts of the body that benefit, as well.

Loosening an unbalanced pelvis, not only affects the overall skeletal posture, but also results in balancing the abdominal viscera. Some Yoga postures are really very helpful in re-adjusting the positions of prolapsed organs, firming up the abdominal muscle, and toning up the viscera, by balancing and tightening the pelvis.

Preventing stiffness in the joints – stiffness and tension in the joints not only limits our mobility, but are sometimes related to arthritis. When gently stretching the joints, Yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to the parts of body that have been worked.

This helps in bringing fluids to the joints, and the flushing out of toxins from the joints. Thereby, as it is believed that accumulation of toxins in the joints is the culprit behind arthritis and rheumatism, Yoga postures have the effect of skeletal health, maintaining muscle tone, improving circulation, and developing flexibility within the joints.

Mention these points in your classes, and maintain good contact with a Yoga teacher training facility or a master teacher (Guru). It is important for the health of the entire world that Yoga teachers continue on the path of continuing education and make our classes informative for their students.

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