how to become a certified yin yoga teacherBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

To become a Yoga teacher is a milestone for many of us; yet, there are times when we might want to suddenly become someone else, or disappear. One example is a new student, who has not taken a bath for a month – showing up to your Yoga class. Sometimes, teaching Yoga has its awkward moments. Would you like to have someone else tell this student to get out of your class?

When we consider Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), we may also think about the danger of having a split personality. This is not the state of mind a Yoga teacher wants to create during classes, but consider the ability to create a social mask for specialized teaching situations.

Why should a Yoga instructor consider changing his or her personality when teaching? Most of the time, teaching Yoga is very rewarding; but In some cases, adjusting your personality may help you cope with the problems of others. How many people does one typical certified Yoga teacher help in a day, week, or month? Many students have a variety of problems, and Yoga teachers help them find solutions.

The cumulative effect of seeing so many people in physical, emotional, and mental pain can be trying. Talk to anyone who gives counseling sessions, and they will tell you similar stories. There is a common link teachers have with counselors and medical professionals. That being – all of them graciously share their time with others who need them.

This is not to imply that we should become more self-centered, but when you help others, you also need to take time out for yourself. No one can work non stop, without thinking about time off. Within each of us are opposing forces that can push and pull at our personalities.

Moderation is a key to the quality of life. To avoid extremes, we sometimes resort to a state of mind that pulls us back toward the middle of the path. Some may call it DID, alter ego, or split personality; but it may also be a survival mechanism – for times when we find ourselves on the extreme edge.

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