Please bear in mind that I have no medical degree and am not a medical professional. The advice given is that of a Yoga Teacher. Always consult with your physician for a professional opinion.

Every case and every individual’s situation is unique, so we can’t provide a general answer for everyone. For information purposes, below you can find an actual request from someone and our response.

(Q): My wife is suffering from disc herniation and this pain has caused 15 degree scoliosis. Some doctors has recommended surgery, but physiotherapists do not recommend it and they say just exercise will improve it. She is doing her exercises for 2 months but no improvement is observed. I would appreciate if you help me in this matter.

(A): Thank you for your inquiry. Please understand that my opinion is that of a Yoga teacher and I have no medical degree. That said – I understand both opinions and both sides of the issue. Sometimes surgery is the only option left, but alternative methods, such as chiropractic medicine and Yoga therapy also have a proven “track record.”

In order to see if this situation can be corrected without surgery or further pain to your wife, you may want to locate a physiotherapist or chiropractic doctor with a Yoga certification. This would be someone with a medical background, who specializes realigning the spine, and teaches Yoga.

Since your wife has been in therapy for two months, with no change for the better. It would seem her present exercise routine is not sufficient. It is still possible for her to get relief without surgery. One strategy is for her to practice asanas that decompress and realign the spine.

Another possibility is a Yoga therapist. Yogic therapy improves the quality of life for many people with back problems and Scoliosis, but you need a therapist who will get you results.

Lastly, when it comes to the spine and back pain, there are no guarantees – even with surgery. That is why surgery is often the last resort.

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