Please bear in mind that I have no medical degree and am not a medical professional. The advice given is that of a Yoga Teacher. Always consult with your physician for a professional opinion.

Every case and every individual’s situation is unique, so we can’t provide a general answer for everyone. For information purposes, below you can find an actual request from someone and our response.

(Q): I take Yoga classes, but I had an accident when I was younger.  My foot is stiff and out of shape.  There are some stretches in asana practice that I cannot do because my foot is not strong enough and I have internal scar tissue that restricts movement within my foot and ankle. Will this affect my yoga teacher training?

(A): Yes, the health your foot will affect your training, but with the right teacher, modifications, adjustments and medical care, you will be able to work around it. You will also have to be patient with yourself and that can be the greatest challenge for most of us.

Podiatric medicine is so diversified and foot or ankle ailments come in so many different varieties, that it would be hard for me to give you any specific Yoga training advice without more information and meeting you.

Lastly, tell your doctor you are taking classes and plan to become a Yoga instructor in the near future. Your doctor may even know of a helpful instructor in your area.

Teaching Yoga involves many more skills than mastering an asana (posture) practice. Postures are valuable for a healthy body, but they are just a part of Yogic methodology. With modifications to your postures, you should do the best you can, be the best you can be, and see many improvements toward a better quality life.

If your current teacher is patient, you are in the best place right now. However, if your teacher does not allow props and modifications, you may want to look for a local Yoga teacher (mentor), who has a compassionate and therapeutic perspective, to be in good hands.

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