A Yoga teacher’s number one priority in classes is the safety of all students. Please bear in mind that I have no medical degree and am not a medical professional. The advice given below is that of a teacher. Always consult with your physician for a professional opinion.

Each trimester has specific contraindications. There are many contraindications for practicing Yogic techniques during pregnancy, and all instructors and students should be aware of them.

Pregnant students should have their doctor’s permission to participate in prenatal Yoga classes. If you are teaching pregnant students without their doctor’s approval and you do not have a prenatal Yoga certification, you are “playing with fire.” It is hard enough to address the needs of all students in a typical yoga class. For pregnant students, we strongly recommend that they participate in specific prenatal classes.

We have a special page devoted to issues and concerns about Prenatal yoga and yoga during pregnancy. It contains important information for teachers and students alike.

For those who already have completed a 200-hour Yoga instructor certification course or an equivalent qualification, take a look at our Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teachers Diploma Course. This course is highly recommended for certified instructors with pregnant students.

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