My friend, I want to thank you for the opportunity to answer your sincere question.

Firstly, I have had the experience of teaching free yoga classes in parks and holding down a full time job, at the same time. Many of those students really didn’t see a value in free Yoga. It was just something to do, if they were around the park.

When the park asked me to pay a “permit fee,” for teaching free classes on their grounds, I asked my students to give me a little help. Some of them let me know walking is free and left.

The first day I charged for Yoga, the remaining students stayed because they saw a value in learning Yogic practices. Their attendance was much more consistent. Some of my first “paying” students have since become successful Yoga teachers in their own right.

If you are serious about something, you are willing to pay for it. Would you like a free vacation spent in a conference room, with someone trying to sell you a “land deal” or would you just like some time to relax away from home? Personally, I am not interested in a free trip to learn about buying a swamp and am willing to pay for a nice vacation.

Nothing in life is really free, when you think about it. All the water that you drink is paid for by you or the local taxpayers. Most people have to travel to inhale fresh quality air at the beach or in the mountains. Even walking requires some fuel in the form of food and drink that is paid for by somebody.

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