The examination process for the 240-hour Yoga teacher training intensive course consists of three parts. 1. The written exam is based upon the study of two teacher’s texts and a 50 question test. The written exam consists of knowledge, which any Yoga instructor should know. You can Email it in a Word document, PDF, or send it by regular mail.

2. The Practical Exam is a video of you teaching Yoga, with at least one person, for at least 60 minutes. It should contain asanas, pranayama, modifications, assisting a partner on alignment, cueing skills, and meditation or a relaxation sequence.

You can send it in a streaming video by Internet or you can send a VHS/NTC, VCD, or DVD format by mail, UPS or Fedex. There is the option to visit here for your practical exam, but there is an on-site test fee of $95 for taking a practical exam in person. There is no charge for testing by video.

3. Your essay should be about Yoga, and its relation to any specific health topic, or an overview of Yogic methodology and its relationship to health. Your essay should also be at least three pages long, single spaced.

Additionally, you should also send a signed copy of your Yoga teacher ethics agreement.

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