500 hour yoga instructor certification onlineBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

Among the many benefits of Yoga practice is personal growth. Personal growth and self-worth are two of the hidden rewards a student might discover when attending regular Yoga training sessions. With proper guidance from a competent Yoga teacher, students grow in many ways.

Personal growth allows students to shed irrational fears that have held them back for life. Much like being in a dark room for most of their lives, some people do not see the opportunities for happiness that occur during the average day. Yes – life has challenges; but it is our perception of the challenge that makes a difference.

One person looks at a hill and sees Mount Everest. Another person looks at the same hill, makes preparations, and moves forward. This is a figurative example of how our students see life. We can enable them to succeed, or ignore an opportunity to help our students, one at a time.

We can see an example of this in our lives, as well. When we look back on our initial Yoga teacher training, were we prepared completely to guide students in every situation? Did anyone give us the knowledge of working with different people, who have a variety of health conditions? Did we learn more than technical information about all Yogic methods? Were we prepared to run a Yoga teaching practice in a less than stellar economy?

Most Yoga teachers learn to grow over time, and in many positive directions. If we are lucky, we find guidance from a mentor, or Guru, along the way. If we are not so lucky, we struggle the hard way. We can change this cycle of struggling for our students – by pointing them toward the path of personal growth and self-discovery.

Some people love the feeling of control over other people’s lives. You can see this in teachers, parents, managers, and business owners. The problem is: When we over handle other people’s lives, we create an atmosphere of dependence. Which Yoga teacher wants to be known as a micro-manager?

Once students have learned fundamental techniques, they should be encouraged to develop their home practice, grow, and apply Yogic principles to all aspects of their lives. By practicing independently, and growing on every level, Yoga students will engage in stimulating conversations that enhance everyone’s knowledge.

Our students actually encourage each of us to pursue continuing education further, by becoming skilled Yoga practitioners. As a result of this evolution in Yoga education, we are all beneficiaries of a mutual think tank. At this time, and with the power of Internet access, we have all created a symbiotic relationship, resulting in the personal growth of every Yoga practitioner in the world.

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