Ajna ChakraBy Dr. Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500

If one is able to balance the Ajna chakra, this will promote intuition, awareness, and self-mastery. The Ajna chakra (third eye) is the sixth main chakra within the seven chakra system. One way to activate this chakra is to practice Udgeeth pranayama.

The seed sound, which we know as “OM,” is said to awaken and balance the divine eye. This chakra balancing technique can be approached in a similar way, through mantra meditation or through practicing a form of Ajna chakra meditation. In fact, there are many ways to balance and awaken chakras. If one is new to Yoga practice, it would be wise to practice under the supervision of a competent Yoga teacher or Guru.

Let’s be honest – if you survey students in your classes about their home Yoga practice, very few will say they meditate at home. Many students practice asana independently, but they usually do not think beyond their bodies, unless they have been practicing Hatha Yoga for years.

Below are two techniques for students, who wish to enhance their powers of intuition. These intuitive enhancing techniques can be practiced any time of the day; and a student does not have to be concerned with meditation, mudras, pranayama, posture, or seed sounds.

Associate with people who see the good in everything. There are many people, who default to negative thinking. One of the reasons why people feel so pessimistic is that bad news travels quicker than ever before. Now you can read, hear, or view a video about a traffic fatality, on the other side of the earth, at any time of day or night.

If you are feeling too optimistic, a sure remedy is to watch the news. Your mood could easily change to remorse, sorrow, anger, or depression in an instant. Negative thoughts and positive thoughts balance each other throughout the day. The object is to be aware of your mind’s energy balance and train your mind to avoid judging. This clears the mind to see life as it is, and enhances one’s powers of intuition.

Speak positively or do not speak at all. I am not sure who first said, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.” This is the hardest task for most of us to endure. Jumping in on negative chatter is so easy to do. To take the high road, in conversation, is a daily struggle; and many of us may find it an hourly struggle.

The reason why the above two tips will enhance intuition is due to the clarity of thought, which will result from practicing them. After trying above-mentioned techniques, students will often admit that Ajna chakra meditation is much easier, but the value of clear thought cannot be over stated.

Companies, investors, and governments employ people who have good intuitive skills. In this day of technology, computers, data, and complex reports, world powers still value intuition. For the average person, intuition may determine one specific path among many.

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