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Yoga teacher training courses cover many subjects.  Among these subjects is the Yoga diet and lifestyle.  The most important aspect of a Yoga inspired diet is mental power. A positive outlook is crucial for healthy weight loss and maintenance. Negative emotions can interfere with the weight loss process. Negativity often leads to overeating, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt and anger. The right attitude is needed to establish and follow a program that will lead to healthy weight loss. Positive thinking, insight, and affirmations are an important factor in the success of losing weight and maintaining a healthy Yogic lifestyle that keeps excess weight off.

Many Yoga practitioners meditate and enjoy the many wonderful benefits of meditation. A state of meditation is the natural outcome of a complete yoga practice. It can also be said that the spiritual benefit of meditation is bliss and inner peace. The advantages also occur at the body’s level. Meditation has been proven scientifically to combat stress and stress related disorders like high blood pressure, insomnia and heart diseases. Many benefits are related to the decrease in stress that occurs through meditation. As a classic example: Lower levels of anxiety will reduce the likelihood of heart disease within a Yoga meditation practitioner.

Meditation aids in focus on the moment and what is being done. It helps to become mindful of actions or its consequences, including eating. It can be noticed with monitoring the body’s reactions to food which foods cause sleepiness, irritation or fuzzy thinking. If this occurs after eating a heavy high fat meal, then these foods can be avoided in the future. With practice, meditation will enable the mind to release thoughts of food in any stressful situation. This comes with concentrated breathing and dismissing any distracting thoughts.

One major step is to regularly schedule time out of your day for meditation on a daily schedule. This can be any time of day where there are minimal distractions. During meditation, a mental picture of the body at a lesser weight (or clothes size) can help bring this goal into reality. Continuing self-praise and encouragement plays a big part in maintenance of a healthy plan.

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