yoga teacher trainingBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 250

There are many lifestyle changes that someone can make to promote better health and well-being into their lives. Eating plant-based foods, drinking plenty of water, and a daily program of exercise, is one way to promote better health.

When it comes to total health, people are finding that Yoga therapy can positively affect their sense of well-being in more than just a physical way. Yogic therapy can bring spiritual peace, stress relief, and psychological health, to those who practice it.

For Stress Relief

In today’s hectic world, where everyone is expected to multitask and move at the speed of light, taking time out for a Yoga training session becomes a haven of relief. Here, the deep concentration of poses, and controlled breathing, calm the body and sooth the central nervous system. Classes lower stress levels which, in turn, can prevent stress-related illnesses. Combating stress is one of the most important preventative measures a person can take if they want a healthy life.

The Psychological Benefits 

Yoga offers more to the body than just a way to get exercise. The deep breathing exercises flood the brain with oxygen bringing clearer thoughts, and more energy, to the mind. Yogic methodology teaches control of the body, and the rhythm of breathing, to center the mind.

Yoga practitioners feel more in control of their lives. Therapeutic practices can be practiced almost anywhere. Those who practice the art can find peace at home, work, and during travel. While the people around us stay stressed and depressed, the practitioner has a wonderful tool to rise above circumstances.

Spiritual Well-Being 

Yogic therapy offers spiritual well-being. The art of slowing down and connecting to a spiritual source through movements, and breathing, puts life in perspective. The world and all of its negativity fade away for a time. The practice of Yogic techniques can bring spiritual healing and enlightenment. Spiritual well-being brings a peace like no other; by helping people cope with the challenging circumstances of their lives.

Yogic therapy has amazing health benefits for the mind, emotional state, and spiritual beauty. It is a wonderful tool that offers a way out from the daily stresses of life, anxiety, depression, and feeling out of control. Perhaps this is why Yoga therapy has been in practice for thousands of years. There is wisdom in the practice of yoga for holistic health, by healing to body, mind, and spirit.

Continuing Education of Teachers

After years of teaching, a Yoga instructor begins to notice the needs of his or her students on many levels.  With so many students that have different ailments, it becomes apparent that Yoga teacher training has to focus on the therapeutic application for the purpose of enhancing the quality of life.  For this reason, continuing education is a cornerstone of what we do.


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