yoga certificationBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 250

These days, it is common to see people who are dragging themselves around with low energy levels. Many people work two or three part-time jobs to make ends meet. Some of them have no health insurance and their families are classified as “working poor.” Yoga training sessions at home, or on the go, can be designed to restore energy, when it is needed most.

Whether they called it ‘qi’ or ‘prana’, ancient cultures instinctively knew that the human body is made up of a delicate energy system. Spiritual practices, such as Yoga or qigong, were generally accepted as ways of living – not just physical exercises.

As conventional wisdom gave way to technology, so did the joint concept of mind, body, and spirit. Fortunately, there is a resurgence of interest in the healing arts; and Yoga training is now recommended by both medical professionals and holistic practitioners.

Yoga can help to increase the energy level in several ways:

• Mindfulness – During Yoga practice, the brain releases hormones that act as natural tranquilizers. The ‘flight or fright’ response, or cortisol level, decreases, and the mind is more aware of subtle changes and reactions.

Energy trapped in the body as blockages or tension is released, decreasing fatigue and increasing vitality. A classic posture for meditation is easy posture. Yet, the corpse pose, legs-up-the-wall pose, and inversions are especially effective for clearing the mind and increasing circulation.

• Breathing – Especially when under stress, breathing becomes shallow and fast. Proper breathing techniques (pranayama) eliminate anxiety, release endorphins, and oxygenate the blood flow to the organs. Pranayama also, strengthens the respiratory system and lowers the blood pressure.

• Detox – The liver, kidneys, and colon remove toxins – such as pesticides, metals, and plastics – from the body. Yoga massages the organs, bringing a fresh supply of blood and letting go of stagnant lymph. Twisted Yoga poses, lunges, and side stretches are also effective in the cleansing process.

• Toning – Toned muscles speed up metabolism. They, also, improve posture and alignment, reducing fatigue and chronic pain. Healthy muscles are less likely to tighten or spasm, freeing energy and increasing flexibility.

Yogic practices help to move the body’s energy, transforming blockages, fatigue and tension into flexibility, vitality, and a complete sense of well-being. A short simple meditation session, a quick session of pranayama breathing exercises, or a single asana make be all it takes to flush the meridians and provide a quick pick-me-up during the day.  For an ongoing self-care program, however, a regular Yoga practice including all of these is a sure way to maintain a vigorous and balanced lifestyle.

Many Yoga instructors have not received instruction about business and marketing skills.  There is no reason why teachers cannot enhance their knowledge in these areas.  Yoga teacher training courses come in all sizes, varieties, and price ranges.  Continuing education of teachers is a key in meeting the needs of our students.

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