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There are many varied health benefits for women that come from practicing Yoga on a regular basis. In the medical community, it is well-known that emotional pressure and stress over a sustained period of time can have a profound impact on a woman’s mental and physical health.

In fact, it has been clinically shown in research studies that sustained emotional distress can eventually lead to a compromised immune system, and a variety of diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, the vicissitudes of a woman’s hormonal fluctuations can have a profound impact on a woman’s health and sense of well-being. Yoga training has proven to be an effective tool at addressing many of these health issues.

As a woman progresses through life, different challenges can arise. Many women suffer from premenstrual syndrome, substantial menstrual cramps, and heavy bleeding. Puberty, peri-menopause and menopause pose their own challenges, as a woman experiences significant hormonal changes during these time periods.

Often these “rites of passage” can lead to higher stress levels for many women. Pregnancy is another time period when a woman experiences great hormonal changes and increased stress to her body. Yoga is a wonderful tool for helping to create a sense of ease, well-being and hormonal balance throughout these various time periods in a woman’s life.

A regular practice offers not only physical benefits, but mental and spiritual benefits as well. Asana practice definitely helps to tone, balance, and strengthen the entire physical body, including the endocrine system. The more physically vigorous (aerobic) forms of yoga, such as power, vinyasa or flow styles, also provide substantial cardiovascular and metabolic benefits.

All yoga practices, whether they are vinyasa practices or restorative practices, if done properly, offer the benefits of relaxation and stress reduction. Some of the spiritual benefits of yoga training come from uplifting spiritual practices such as kirtan, mantra, and meditation, create an overall heightened state of positive self-esteem.

Truly, there are a many wonderful health benefits concerning yoga for women. A regular practice can help a woman throughout her lifetime to establish physical well-being, emotional balance, and lower her stress levels.

Yogic methodology does develop a woman’s sense of literal balance, but it also helps to establish hormonal balance and a gentle perspective on her life. For many women, just getting out of the house to spend a full hour or two practicing asana, pranayam, and meditation in a beautiful atmosphere will uplift their spirits and rejuvenate their bodies.

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