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Yoga training changes all of us for the best. The benefits of our practice are completely holistic. Below is a simplified way to explain Yogic techniques for self-transformation. If you are a student just read on. If you are a Yoga teacher, please feel free to explain these concepts in your classes or print this for a student handout.

There are many benefits that come with the practice of asana, meditation and pranayama. Yogic methods can help clear the mind, reduce stress, help in weight loss, help to tone muscle, increase strength, and promote restful sleep. These are just a handful of the many benefits of practice. Physical and mental benefits are often the main reasons for practicing. However, Yoga, which means unity, should also be viewed from a holistic perspective in order to reap the full range of benefits of this sacred practice.

Yogic Meditation

Meditation is a basic element of Yogic methodology. Through meditation you are able to free your mind of the day’s anxieties and stresses which will recharge you and prepare you to confront the new stresses of the next day. Meditation will refresh you and help you enter into a restful slumber. You will wake up, the next morning, focused and ready to face the day. This focus will help you to achieve short-term and long-term goals.

Yoga meditation will give you a sense of renewed internal strength and focus. You can use this renewed strength and focus to balance the things in life which are most important to you, such as: your family and your job. You will have the proper balance between the things you enjoy in life so as to enjoy them to the fullest.

Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Cause Physical Changes

The poses (asanas) in physical practice, change your metabolism and can help you to gain lean muscle and reduce body fat. The act of stretching and holding asanas help you to tone muscle, which will enable you to achieve the physical appearance and healthy body you desire.

The various postures of Hatha Yoga help you to maintain hormonal balance. This, in turn, helps you to maintain mental and spiritual balance. Such poses have a positive impact on the glands and organs of the body, which bring about the hormonal balance.

Yogic Lifestyle

Repeated practice of Yogic methods is motivating and can give you the inspiration and strength needed to continue practicing while you learn to step away from destructive habits that you may have. You will be refreshed and ready to face the challenges of life.

The benefits of Yoga are not limited to physical and mental ones. If you practice Yoga training on a regular basis, you will experience harmony and balance in all phases of your life. You will be able to make major changes in your life that will benefit you and the loved ones you care most about. As you incorporate Yoga into your daily life, the gradual changes that you make through steady practice will become a way of life and will no doubt allow you to reap many more benefits.

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