why is power yoga popularBy Sangeetha Saran

With so many styles to choose from, many people wonder why power yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga. Power yoga is based on the principles of India’s Ashtanga yoga, which requires a smooth series of poses performed in a specific order with incorporated breaths. Ashtanga made its way to the U.S. by the mid-1960s, but didn’t take off in its popularity until about 30 years later.

Now, it is a popular choice in gyms across the country as participants enjoy the benefits of a more strenuous workout than typical yoga classes. Since being introduced to the United States, power yoga has taken on a reputation of its own, with lots of variations depending on the instructor and his or her level of expertise. Some instructors follow the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa series of flowing movements, and Tristhana, focusing on posture, breathing, and finding a focal point. Other instructors focus on building strength and flexibility through a different series of poses.

Regardless of the type of power yoga offered, it has become popular in the past several years as a great way to work out. Power yoga is gaining popularity as it is becoming more well-known and classes are offered more commonly in fitness centers and gyms located in both large cities and small towns. People who may have previously written yoga off for more strenuous workouts are now realizing the benefits that power yoga can provide, including increased strength, stamina, flexibility, and concentration. Power yoga is also a great stress and anxiety reliever, making it a popular choice as people search for healthy ways to cope with increasingly stressful lives.

Many professional athletes have also turned to power yoga as a tried and true workout regime. Members of the NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball are praising power yoga for its positive results to the body’s core, increased flexibility and range of motion, improved balance, relief from chronic pain, and increased focus. Professional athletes rely on their bodies to be at peak performance levels throughout the sports season. If power yoga is working for them, then why wouldn’t it be a positive choice for everyone else?

As many, many other fitness fads come and go, power yoga seems to have kept its place as a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. The reason is simple: it works. Power yoga is popular because followers become hooked on the positive benefits and health results achieved from practicing power yoga.

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