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Let’s consider Power Yoga techniques to firm up our abs. For well over 20 years Power Yoga has been gaining respect and popularity as a total body workout. This form of Yoga differs greatly from Hatha Yoga, which is infinitely gentler. In fact, Power Yoga is a whole body workout that can help strengthen, sculpt and tone muscles. It is also offers a number of cardiovascular benefits. All the muscle groups in the body benefit from Power Yoga. It can be especially beneficial for certain problem areas, especially in the abdomen. In fact, there are a number of techniques to firm your abs.

The basis of Power Yoga is the Sun Salutation. This is a series of a dozen poses that help to strengthen your core – including your spine and abdominal areas. In order to get optimum results when doing exercises that firm the abdominal area, it is also a good idea to strengthen the spine. After all, the two areas complement each other, so strengthening both of them is the best way to get the results that you desire. Core strength is imperative to tighter abs. Examples of the poses that are used to strengthen abs are the Cat-Cow Stretch and the Plank Pose.

For people that are ready for a bit of a challenge, the Side Plank Pose is a great way to tone the abdominal area. Start in regular Plank pose, then place all of your weight on your right arm, making sure to flex the feet while putting the left foot on top of the right one. Your legs should be very straight and your left arm should be reaching straight up toward the sky. Hold the pose through 3 to 5 deep inhales and exhales. Then go back into regular Plank position and switch sides. You will definitely be able to feel the effects on your abdomen.

Many techniques to firm your abs require concentration and a fair amount of balance. If some of them seem too difficult at first, don’t give up. After all, there are variations for most of them that you can do as you get used to this challenging workout. But with regular practice, building core strength by strengthening the spine and the abdominal muscles can have a definite impact toward trimming your waistline.

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