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Why do students want distance learning yoga courses? After practicing Yoga and seeing its benefits, students often want to become Yoga teachers. Unfortunately, the cost and location of training sometimes make it hard for prospective instructors to achieve their goals. Like traditional education, however, there are online options that offer very affordable, with high-quality courses for dedicated students.

Around the world the minimum number of hours for Yoga teacher training is different. It seems common to see training centers providing Yoga certification through 200-hour and 500-hour programs. Although traditional onsite Yoga instructor training usually starts around $3,000, it can range as high as $15,000 and is not available in all areas of the world. For those unable to pay high fees or travel extensively, online certification is a good option; and tuition starts at less than $1,000.

Is Yoga distance learning for everyone?

While anyone can study online, successful Yoga teacher interns must be motivated and self-disciplined. Most schools have strong support available by phone or computer, but time-management skills are, nevertheless, a necessity.

What are the advantages of Yoga distance learning?

• Yoga Teacher interns have the flexibility and convenience of studying at any time or place they choose, making responsibilities like work, traveling, or parenting easier to manage.

• Most Yoga schools are located in urban areas. In rural or remote locations, instruction is unavailable or limited. Studying online not only makes certification possible; it also increases the student’s options.

• Schools that provide online instruction for Yoga teachers usually have telephone and email support from faculty and peers. Forums and chat groups can expose students to an even greater range of views and ideas than many small schools. Some include students from around the world.

• Self-paced lessons allow students to focus on areas they need to learn without spending time on skills they have already mastered.

• Computer curriculums are easier to update than textbooks, allowing the most current knowledge.

• Online Yoga study is very budget-friendly, saving money on necessities such as travel, childcare, books, housing, and tuition.

• Yoga teacher distance learning programs should have a community that is vibrant. These communities should contain reliable information and interaction with other interns and trainers. Blogs and forums

Yoga teacher training centers may provide a choice of on-site intensives or virtual learning, or a combination of both. Aura Wellness Center offers a variety of distance learning Yoga certifications and upgrades, such as Power Yoga, Chair Yoga, and Yoga for Kids. Preparatory courses for students without a strong background in Yoga are also available. With a little research, teachers can now find high-quality, convenient instruction at prices they can afford.

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