twisting yoga posesBy Narendra Maheshri

What are the benefits of twisting yoga poses? In our fast-paced world, stress and tension are endemic. In fact, stress and tension seem to be unavoidable for many of us. Holding stress and tension in our bodies creates muscular stiffness and contraction. Energetically, if we are very overwhelmed, our muscles contract in a similar fashion to a tortoise pulling its head and legs into its shell for protection. In the moment, this response may feel protective. Over the long run, muscular contraction and stiffness will stifle the flow of energy throughout the body and will create a state of heaviness, lethargy and discomfort.

Twisting Yoga poses are a great way to increase circulation and relieve tension and stress. As we practice twisting Yoga asanas, the release of muscular tension helps to increase the flow of life force energy throughout the entire body. When our life force energy increases, so does our optimism and our sense of competency to manage the details of life well. Twisting Yoga asanas help to lengthen the lateral sides of the body including the torso, hips, shoulders, neck and chest. As the muscular tension is released, the flow of fresh oxygen and blood throughout the body will help to revitalize your entire being. The increased circulation of blood throughout the lymphatic system will also help to increase the functioning of the immune system. Twisting Triangle is a very effective standing Yoga asana for releasing tension throughout the torso, legs, chest and shoulders.

Twisting Yoga Poses – Triangle

To practice Twisting Triangle, come to an equal standing position at the front of your Yoga mat. Jump or step your feet three to four feet apart. Raise your arms to shoulder height with your palms facing your mat. Your ankles should be directly under your wrists. With your next inhale, turn your right foot perpendicular to the sides of your Yoga mat. Line your right heel up with your back of your left heel. With an exhale, pinwheel your arms down and place your left hand on the right ankle or on your mat on the outside of your right ankle, if you have the flexibility. Work on keeping your right and left arms in a straight line. Gaze up at your right hand and hold for several breaths. With your next inhale, pinwheel your arms back up to shoulder height. Jump or step your feet back together in Equal Standing Pose at the top of your Yoga mat. Repeat on the other side.

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