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I’ve seen a workshop that addressed mothers in class, but have never seen a specialized yoga teacher training course for this group.  There’s no doubt that mothers work hard. They often take on the world, with responsibilities at home, at work and in the community at every turn. The worries and obligations of single moms are double as they take on the role of sole caregiver to their children. Although multitasking is a way of life for most moms, it isn’t without its side effects. Over time, the stress and anxiety faced by single moms can cause numerous health concerns. Yoga can provide a gentle, healthy way for single moms to release negative energy and recharge their batteries on a regular basis.

Start Strong

Give mothers a chance to really let off some steam and burn some energy by beginning with a more vigorous series of poses. A series of warrior poses or other strength-building poses will leave them feeling strong and confident. More vigorous poses at the beginning of class will allow them to leave their worries behind for a time as they are forced to concentrate on their bodies. Those “feel good” hormones will start pumping throughout the body as heart rates rise, giving the moms a much needed dose of confidence and optimism.

Slow it Down

Take the energy level down a notch during the middle of class. Provide the moms with a variety of deep stretches and inversions to really get the blood flow renewed throughout the entire body. It’s nice to let them get lost in their own bodies for awhile as they spend so much of their time and energy on others. Lead them in a series of gentle stretches that will focus on all parts of the body, so they can release any pent-up stress from the top of the head to the tip of the toes.

Provide Meditation Time

As a yoga teacher you want to leave plenty of time at the end of class for meditation and breathing work. For many single moms this will be the only quiet time in the day or even the entire week. Lead mothers in a few breathing and meditation techniques that will help them release the stress and worries caused by a busy life. Help them recharge their batteries by encouraging them to visualize the negative emotions leaving their bodies with each breath. Insist that they focus on their selves for this time, not on their children or other aspects of life. Let them fill up with inner peace, calm and energy to face the world again.

Side notes for Yoga Instructors

Although there might never be a specialist yoga certification for mothers, there is a need for a seasonal workshop made available to your students.  Just before the holidays and around Mother’s Day are two optimum times to honor the all moms in the studio.

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