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To some, the quest for anything may sound similar to the title of an action movie. However, the quest for true self, when it comes to yoga teacher training is filled with much less peril. It is filled with plenty of adventure though. This journey is one that will affect your entire life. It will teach you a wonderful way to get to the deeper root of the problem and heal yourself naturally from the inside out. We have what are considered blocks, which prevent us from becoming the whole person we are meant to be. They block our minds from connecting to our physical body, but yoga training clears those obstructions and allows us to live up to our full potential.

How to Connect to the True Self

In order to reach ones “true self” through yoga training, environment is very important. Where you practice will allow focus, an inner peace, and most of all comfort. If a yoga student is uncomfortable they will not let go of themselves, and in turn they will not flourish. As the student practices, learns to control breathing, gains focus, and really feels each movement they will encounter limitations. It is in those limitations that the true self is discovered.


Many spiritual traditions include meditation of some kind and stress the importance of finding one’s self. For hundreds of years, yoga asana have been practiced by different cultures for this sole purpose. So many, especially in today’s age are over concerned with their outward self. This is the self that everyone sees, judges, and experiences. Many try to live up to the standards seen in the media when it comes to wealth, looks, and success. When practicing yoga training one can let go of all preconceived notions that others expect, and they expect of themselves. They can focus on their true self, and how it affects the world around them. Creating connections to everything else allows them to free themselves from the prison of trying to be what is expected and becoming who they are destined to be.

Before or after you teach yoga class, take a moment to just breathe. Mentally offer yourself to the universe as an open vessel willing to take everything in. Everything around you is interconnected in some way. Open your eyes and appreciate it all, as it is, in its true form of beauty. Include yourself in this acceptance and begin your journey to find your true self.

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