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You hear so many reasons why people let problems overwhelm them. One of those reasons is everything is “modern.”  This results in creative excuses like: “An ancient system cannot work because I have a modern problem, obstacle, stress overload or anxiety.” I wonder if our cave dwelling ancestors had less stress dealing with saber toothed tigers?

Before yoga teacher training went to exotic locations or went online, the transfer of knowledge was a one-to-one relationship between master and student. So, we know the environment has changed, but many of the survival issues people face today have been around for centuries.  Just below this paragraph is a list of benefits your students can enjoy, while learning Yoga from you.  Feel free to make a handout for those people who need to realize what they’ve been missing. 

The only things modern about yoga are its practitioners. Yoga has been around for centuries helping people achieve mental balance and physical health. Every culture has definitely put its own spin on the ancient practice. Markets have risen up selling trendy mats, apparel and music. But the asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing) and meditation techniques have remained largely unchanged. Perhaps that’s because they work. Yoga offers many benefits to modern health.

Increased Flexibility

A routine with various postures that will hit all parts of the body will provide an amazing full-body stretch. The asanas will give gentle stretches to the muscles allowing them to slowly elongate over time. The result is greater flexibility and agility in your everyday movements. As your muscles become more relaxed and stretched, any chronic soreness or tightness may also be alleviated.

Increased Stamina

As you progress into your yoga training, it often becomes natural to try difficult asanas and hold the poses longer. Your muscles will become stronger and more able over time. Your stamina will undoubtedly improve as you challenge yourself to go deeper into each pose.

Improved Focus

Yoga takes a fair amount of concentration and focus. It’s important to learn to clear your mind of minute thoughts while engaged in a yoga routine. As you become more accustomed to doing this, you will find that your overall focus improves. You’ll be able to focus on how each part of your body is feeling during a yoga routine. You’ll be able to hone in on any areas of stiffness or discomfort. The ability to focus often transfers to daily life. You might find that as you go through your workday you are able to focus more definitely on the tasks before you instead of getting distracted.

 Improved Mood

Yoga will help you cope with negative feelings and emotions by channeling those thoughts out of your body and replacing them with positive thoughts. Over time, this results in an overall improved state of mind. You’ll find that your general demeanor and mood are elevated when you have a way to vent negativity. Yoga training will also help you seek a higher truth in life, forgetting about all of the small, insignificant things we tend to graze on.

Increased Confidence

As your body becomes strong, lean and flexible and your mind becomes light and positive, your overall confidence will improve. Yoga unites the mind and body in a way that makes people see their selves for who they are. It allows them to be proud and confident in a way that others will surely notice.

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