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Depending on the training program you choose, deciding to become a Yoga teacher can have significant financial costs. There are many different training programs available to aspiring Yoga instructors. These training programs range from online training to a series of local weekend workshops to month-long retreats in exotic, international destinations. Choosing a training programs that meets your needs as a future instructor, while being financially feasible, can be tricky indeed. There are also online programs offered to aspiring teachers who wish to pursue a career in the healing art of Yoga that are very cost-effective, convenient and affordable.

As you consider the costs of a training program, it is also important to keep in mind your particular talents, skill level and interests in teaching. If you could teach where you want, who would you teach? Would you like to teach in an Ashtanga studio or in a local school? Or would you be more comfortable teaching your students one-on-one? The environment in which you would like to instruct, as well as the population of students with who you would like to work, is a fundamental consideration before investing in a Yoga teacher training program.

Once you have decided which type of program would fit your needs more aptly, you will want to evaluate how much money and time you will be able to invest in learning to be a professional Yoga instructor. If you feel that a residential program would suit your needs best, shopping around for a program that offers the curriculum components that will enable you to teach Yoga to your preferred group of students competently is your next step. Many of the foundational training programs for Yoga instructors are standardized at the 200 hour level. However, each program will have a unique approach to teaching asana practice, meditation techniques and Yogic philosophy.

Residential month-long training programs will offer you the opportunity to sink into the practice of teaching Yoga deeply and without distraction. However, the cost of these programs often ranges into the thousands of dollars. Other training programs that are offered in modules of several days or on weekends may not offer you the same intense focus, but these programs do offer you the ability to fully integrate the teachings into your life over an extended period of time at a fraction of the financial cost.

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