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Did your yoga teacher training program show you how to market private lessons? Chances are you are more comfortable teaching groups, but some of the highest paid yoga instructors in the world do very well with private lessons.  Below are the benefits for students. Feel free to turn this into a handout for your students.

Many people are opting for private sessions for a number of different reasons. Some clients are recovering from a specific injury, some students have a lot of anxiety, others are new to yoga training and don’t want the pressure or confusion associated with a larger class, and some students might want to push even further into their practice for advice about how to do it. A private session can provide a number of benefits for the the student.

Individual Attention

Private yoga training sessions offer individual attention to the student that surpasses a whole-group setting. Students receive one-on-one instruction, advice and encouragement from a trained professional. Students are free to ask questions as they arise. They will get specific advice on how to improve or change each technique to gain the maximum benefits.

Customized Routine

As you work within a private session with your teacher, he or she can begin to understand your needs and desires more specifically. He or she can then design a routine that includes poses, breathing and meditation specifically catered to you. If you are recovering from an injury, each pose can work toward rehabilitating that specific part of your body. If you wish to push yourself further into your practice, the instructor can design a more advanced routine to help you push out of your comfort zone a bit.

Specific Advice

When you attend a traditional class, the yoga instructor will typically give generic cues for each pose to remind students of general safety precautions or body positions. In a private session, the cues and advice the instructor gives is specifically for you. He or she can focus solely on your body position and adjust you to make sure the posture is exactly right. If you are facing a specific ailment or concern, the instructor will be able to address it throughout the entire session.


Students often have to reach inside their selves throughout a yoga routine to push a little further, hold a pose a little longer or to focus more intently. Yoga instructors often encourage students to work to the best of their own ability or to do what feels best for their selves. Sometimes all you need is someone to tell you can do it. During private sessions, the yoga teacher can motivate you in specific ways. He or she will know who you are and what you are working toward. When the going gets tough, he or she will be able to give you specific words of encouragement.

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