yoga teacher certificationBy Kimaya Singh

If you decide to become a Yoga teacher, you realize that complete (holistic) health involves the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual planes of existence. Physical activity is not only important for a healthy body it is also good for the mind and emotional well-being. Yogic methodology is a great example of a form of exercise that can help improve focus and discipline inside as well as outside. It strengthens muscle tone and flexibility. By using proper breathing techniques and concentrating on moving correctly through the poses, it forces us to concentrate on the present and what we are doing in the moment. That focus can help to release stress and the nervous tension that we all too often feel.

Feeling good physically often translates into improved mental well-being. Exercise, Yoga included, can help the body release endorphins that automatically elevate our moods. Regular practice can help keep the endorphin levels up, therefore helping to shape a more positive outlook overall. Other benefits of Yoga training include helping to relieve that lower back pain that plagues many of us, because it helps to strengthen the core muscles. Strengthening those core muscles can also lead to improved abs. Yoga can also help relieve joint pain and discomfort from arthritis.

Life is often hectic and busy, and we often feel that there aren’t enough hours in the day. All too often, our troubles keep running through our minds even as we try to sleep at night. However, practicing asana, pranayama and meditation regularly has been known to improve sleeping patterns. Getting enough sleep is very important, because if we don’t get enough rest our bodies don’t perform as well as they should. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep are more susceptible to illness because their immune systems aren’t as strong as they should be. Feeling tired all the time also adversely affects our moods.

Although most people are aware of the calming affects of Yoga, they often are surprised by the strength training aspect. Yoga training uses the weight of the body to improve muscle tone and build stronger muscles in every area of the body. It is an effective workout that can be done by people of almost any age or fitness level. People who do Yoga on a regular basis often find themselves becoming more positive about their body images as well. Overall, making the time to incorporate Yoga in your life can help bring about improvements in many different areas, from your outlook to your physical shape, and that is something that we can all benefit from.

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