yoga instructor certificationBy Sanjeev Patel

It is often sad that the ancient Yogis would be saddened by the fitness-based styles we see today. It is also contended that Indians do not practice physical forms of Yoga. My answer (question) to that is: Have you ever been to India? I can appreciate the attention Yogic philosophy and methodology are getting, but there are many different forms of Yoga that are practiced in India. I contend that the ancient Yogis would be pleased about the number of practitioners who gain physical benefits today. If you desire to become a Yoga instructor, you should feel free to embrace the physical benefits and explain them to your students.

Yoga is a wonderful form of exercise that can be practiced by people of almost any fitness level. It emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection while helping people to expand their fitness levels in a way that is non-competitive and healthy. Yogic exercise can be practiced in conjunction to other forms of physical activity or it can be used on its own as a way to enhance health. The important thing to realize about asana is that the more you put into your practice, the more positives you will get out of it.

People who are looking to push themselves physically may benefit from Power Yoga. Still others that want to improve flexibility may like Hatha Yoga. The key thing to remember is that asana can be a very accessible and enjoyable way to exercise either alone or with others. People who have certain types of injuries or conditions that may limit them from doing other forms of exercise often find there are modifications for many poses, making it easier for them to get the full benefits of their Yoga training sessions.

Increased awareness, stronger muscles, improved cardiovascular health, and better flexibility, are just a few of the positive benefits that can be attained by practicing asana. As with any other type of exercise, practicing asana leads to the release of certain hormones in the brain that are associated with elevated moods. Physical activity is not just good for the body; it is good for achieving greater emotional health as well. Many times the meditative aspect of Yogic methodology can lead to a more positive outlook as well.

Yogic exercise has been around for thousands of years. There are numerous reasons for it’s enduring staying power. It can help to calm the mind while energizing the body. It can lead to greater levels of concentration. Many people who do it regularly often report they sleep more soundly. Recent studies have shown that it can be beneficial to teenagers as well as people who have certain types of health disorders, including diabetes. There’s no doubt that Yogic exercise has something to offer almost anyone, regardless of body type or age.

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