yoga instructorBy Gopi Rao

How does one become a Yoga teacher? This is a question many people ask. Yet, becoming a guru is a mystery. There are many people in the world who claim to be master Yoga instructors, swamis or gurus. However, not all of them are created equally. Many of them may have gone through the necessary training and have spent years mastering their techniques, but may not have the awareness that is also vitally important to a help themselves or others. People connect with different teachers or gurus for different reasons. This might be because each of us is on a different journey or path, and we often mentally connect with instructors that can help us along when we need it the most.

There are many competent teachers who are well versed in how to achieve the perfect asana. Some Yoga teacher training courses spend 90% of their efforts toward perfection of asana, but as we already know, Yogic methodology is about more than just a perfect asana. It is also about connecting the body and the mind through the process of learning meditation, mantra and breathing techniques. It is about attaining peace and becoming more in tune with the true inner self. Beyond the basics, no one can get you there except for yourself. A true guru doesn’t make false promises about what he or she can do for you. A true master realizes that he or she is only a guide along your journey and that what you are seeking is yours to find.

People start practicing Yogic techniques for different reasons. Some don’t even consider the spiritual aspect of it; they are more drawn to the physical aspect and the discipline that it entails. There is nothing wrong with that, but many of those people find themselves drawn into the deeper aspects of practice more as time goes by, and not necessarily for the physical attributes. Yoga has a way of becoming part of our every day lives, and our meditations often cause us to look at things differently in ways we could have never imagined. That is the beauty of Yoga training, as it leads us to places that we often didn’t know we had a desire to go to.

One of the main premises of Yoga is truthfulness. We need to find our simple truths inside as well as seek truth from others in our lives. A true guru is someone who will accept your practice for what it is and help you attain your goals using gentle guidance, so that you may find the truth that you need. Your best guru is someone who can teach you to find the Yoga teacher within you.

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