affordable 200 hour hatha yoga teacher trainingBy Kimaya Singh

If you’re passionate about yoga and want to expand your horizons, deepen your understanding and embrace it to the fullest possible extent, yoga instructor training is an excellent option. There are many practical benefits to be derived from yoga instructor courses; five excellent examples include:

1. Improve Others’ Lives while Improving Yours – Being a yoga instructor is immensely rewarding. By passing on your knowledge and passion to others, you help to improve the quality of their lives. At the same time, the satisfaction you’ll experience by sharing something you’re truly passionate about will improve the quality of your own life.

2. Gain an Enhanced Understanding of Yoga – When you teach yoga to others, you see it from a whole new angle. Being in this position is highly motivating and will spur you to learn even more about the discipline. This will result in significant inner growth, which will enhance your ability to practice yoga as well as teach it.

3. Awaken Your Intuition – While learning to become a yoga instructor, you will be able to hone your intuition and will become more sensitive to the needs and concerns of others. As you already know, practicing yoga puts you more in touch with your mind and body. As a yoga teacher, you’ll move beyond that to the point that you’re able to be more in touch with the feelings of others. This, in turn, will allow you to be even more in touch with yourself, and a lovely, positive cycle will begin.

4. Develop Humility – As you become more skilled at yoga, it’s easy to start feeling invincible. Self-confidence is great, of course, but humility is an essential part of reaping all of the benefits of yoga. Yoga instructor courses will help you understand the importance of humility and will show you that even the most experienced instructors don’t know everything. No one does. By embracing that viewpoint, you’ll grow as a practitioner and as an instructor.

5. Shed Your Inhibitions – Training to become a yoga instructor also helps you shed your inhibitions, which gives you the confidence to express yourself. Expressing yourself is just as important while practicing yoga as it is while teaching it, so this benefit will pay off in countless ways.

Yoga instructor courses are about much more than learning how to teach yoga to others. They allow you to more fully embrace the best aspects of the discipline and arm you with skills that pay off considerably in everyday life too.

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