yoga training for instructorsBy Sangeetha Saran

Although yoga has been practiced for centuries, it has emerged from a secret tradition for spiritual evolution to become a popular mainstream philosophy for holistic self-improvement. This popularity has resulted in the emergence of teacher training courses.

Yoga instructor courses train you to offer clients numerous benefits, including the following five:

Benefit #1: Yoga Instructor Courses Teach You How To Help People De-Stress 

Our modern lives are busy, often frantically busy. This causes our minds to become confused and our emotions to become over stimulated. When we do too much, too quickly, rushing here and there, trying to solve one problem after another, our body responds to this frantic level of activity as if it is preparing for some great danger that will threaten its survival. As the hormone cortisol is secreted, we develop high levels of anxiety, nervousness, irritability, and physical tension. Additionally, our breathing becomes shallower and our heartbeat faster. In other words, we become stressed. Yogic breathing and asanas and meditative postures untangles this state of hyper-arousal. We de-stress. When we do, the emotion of distress can then transform into eustress, stimulating but not overwhelming stress, or deep relaxation.

Benefit #2: Yoga Instructor Courses Teach You How To Help People Reduce inflammation, Stiffness, and Pain. 

The gentle stretching and toning movements of yoga, help the body realize that it is not in a state of danger. We begin to relax, calm down, and unwind. Inflammation begins to dissipate. Muscles that were braced to leap into action begin to relax. Overall, pain is reduced or eliminated. After a week or two of yoga, participants feel an amazing sense of well-being and a dramatic cessation of aches and pains.

Benefit #3: Yoga Instructor Courses Teach You How To Help People Develop Deeper, Fuller Breathing 

Stress and high states of emotional arousal create shallow breathing. The body is preparing itself for instant action in the face of unexpected danger by breathing in a fast, shallow way. This upper respiratory breathing not only robs the cells of the oxygen they need to thrive, but also diminishes the overall energy and vitality of the whole body. Additionally, when breathing is shallow, a person thinks rapidly and experiences anxious or depressed moods.

Benefit #4: Yoga Instructor Courses Teach You How To Help People Improve Physical Well-being 

Often people mistake yoga as a system of exercises that provides the same benefits as bodybuilding, calisthenics, or aerobics. In other words, it improves muscle tone, strength, and stamina. This is actually a very superficial way of looking at the health benefits of yoga. Yoga not only tones the external muscles, but also massages internal organs and improves hormonal fluctuations, blood flow, and lymph fluid circulation. What’s more, it lengthens foreshortened muscles, stretches ligaments, and eases tension in tendons. Someone who does yoga on a regular basis will have more than just a beautiful body; they will also have a very healthy one.

Benefit #5: Yoga Instructor Courses Teach You How To Help People Experience Rapid Personal Growth 

Personal growth. Yoga is the ultimate self-improvement program because it works on many levels. Physically, it strengthens, builds, and stretches the body while improving all physiological functions. Mentally, it promotes clear thinking. Emotionally, it calms the nervous system. And spiritually, it makes a person aware of the higher meaning of human life.


Yoga is a holistic methodology that has been refined over thousands of years. As an instructor, it empowers you to change people’s lives for the better.

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