slow flow yoga movementBy Faye Martins

What is all the fuss about slow flow yoga? If you want to get in shape by trying a low-impact exercise, then slow-flow vinyasa yoga is the pace for you. Stretch your way to good health with slow movement that gradually warms up muscles, joints and connective tissue. Vinyasa is popular because people want a movement-based form of Yoga, but most vinyasa classes are fast-paced and risky movements may not be in your best interest.

Slow Flow Yoga is Beneficial For All Needs

If you’ve suffered an injury or have certain concerns with structural imbalances, slow flow yoga will soon have your strength, flexibility, and mobility returning to normal. In fact, slow-flow vinyasa could get you into the best shape of your life. You begin at a pace that is right for your needs, and any participant has the option of using props:

  • chairs
  • blocks
  • blankets
  • belts
  • wall supports

Stretching quadriceps, hips, hamstrings, back muscles, and shoulders becomes easier when you proceed forward at your own pace.

Slower Flowing Sequences Are Safer

Slow flow yoga is for all age groups, and it encourages the practice of mindfulness or staying in the moment. Low speed vinyasa gives a pose a chance to work by slowing everything down, and it aids in better concentration. The foggy mind becomes focused and alert; moreover, clearing the mind brings a peaceful outlook toward your daily life.

Safe for All Ages

Children learn balanced growth and new ways to strengthen the mind and body. You’re never too young to benefit from slowing a sequence down. Adults use yoga to protect and revitalize their health. Retired members of society practice slower movements to maintain strength, reinforce stamina, and to pursue athletic activities. Adults feel younger when practicing slow-flowing sequences. It’s for everyone and at anytime. It’s an investment in pleasure. Everyone wants to feel good.

Health-Giving Hope For Heart disease

Slow-flow yoga positions offer curative exercises to help build cardiovascular endurance. Physical, mental, and emotional health, improve with added choices such as guided imagery and improved breathing techniques.

Yoga movement based exercises produce a mild sauna-like effect. Sweating is good; ultimately, it keeps the systems within the body circulating. Fresh blood and oxygen are stimulated into better circulation. Keeping the body in motion elevates the immune system. You’ll love slow and flowing yoga for the youthful experience it brings.

Now that you know more about this type of yoga that is popular with many people of all ages, you can begin your journey of healing today. You deserve excellent health.

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