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Relief for Varicose Veins Through Yoga

Yoga therapy, not only brings relief to sufferers with a varicose veins condition, but also aids in correcting and restoring damaged veins to their former condition. By regular practice of Yogasana, and Pranayama, it is possible to save oneself from such an irreparable situation, and it is possible to arrest further deterioration.

Teaching Yoga to Students with Special Conditions

The following is a question and answer session in regard to teaching a private Yoga lesson to a student with more than one serious ailment. When possible, encourage your students to get a physician’s approval, before practicing Yoga, with pre-existing ailments.

Yoga Therapy – Helping Yoga Students who have Ailments and Illnesses

Yoga is a useful adjunct to medical and psychological treatment. This is why foundational Yoga Therapy courses and programs have begun to...