Don’t Starve the Wanderer

The Vagus Nerve is associated with the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our relaxation responses. This nerve can become under-developed/deactivated because of the body’s constant state of fight or flight from stress and the anxiety of living in today’s society, which keeps the sympathetic nervous system in ‘survival’ overdrive. The breathing becomes rapid and shallow, the heart rate is increased and digestion becomes impaired. In this particular case, ‘The Wanderer’ is being starved of the essential nutrients it needs to help you survive.

The Union of Mind and Body Through Pranayama

A holistic and balanced practice of Yoga includes the traditional physical postures, in addition to breathing exercises, meditation techniques and a detailed system of ethical recommendations and injunctions. Study of sacred scriptural texts and the recitation of sacred mantras are also key components of a balanced practice of the ancient art of Yoga.

The Importance of Naturopathy

Hippocrates, who is called the Father of Naturopathy defined human beings as a combination of mind, spirit and body. Hence, any disturbance in the natural harmony within a human body is best treated by Naturopathy.

Teaching Yoga for Skiing: Cardiovascular Work

Students who are just beginning an exercise regime or who are not in optimal physical condition will need to begin practicing Yoga at a slower pace with some modifications. The same is true of students who are contending with injuries, chronic illness or healing from surgery. As a Yoga instructor, it is important for you to be aware of the general fitness level of your students and any heart conditions, injuries, illnesses, or other limiting physical considerations.

Yoga Without The Spirituality

There is an endless spectrum of yoga schools, so you should never assume you cannot find an asana practice without spirituality. There are even gentler styles for the elderly, or people who cannot do difficult poses. Doing your research beforehand can help you to find a style that is the best for you.

Yoga Teacher Tips for Athletic Students

Ever since you decided to become a yoga instructor, you've dreamed of teaching a full class of athletic students. Now that you have them, you're concerned about safety and you want your students to have the best possible experience in your classes.