Karma Yoga

Teaching Students About Karma Yoga

Almost every Hatha Yoga teacher training covers the significance of Karma Yoga. Students often ask about the Law of Karma and there are many different views concerning interpretation. This is usually based upon where our religious instruction originated.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Explaining the Law of Karma to Yoga Students

The principle is the same in any organization. In companies, we learn about delegating authority. This may seem harsh, if you are sweeping the floor, but the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) does not have the spare time to sweep the floor, and it is doubtful that he or she monitors the person who does sweep the floor. In fact, the person who sweeps the floor has usually taken action without much coaxing.

Teaching Hatha Yoga: Is a Hatha Yoga Teacher a Karma Yogi?

By Paul Jerard, E-RYT 500 What is Karma Yoga and what is a Karma Yogi? The word Karma can be defined as action, work, or service. Karma Yoga is often referred to as selfless service or unselfish action. This is work that you do, without any consideration of a reward. Many times, we may consider [...]

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