Improving Yoga Student Safety: Formatting a Class Wisely

Speaking with your students individually will also give you the opportunity to guide your students to other levels of Yoga classes, or other styles of Yoga, if necessary. For example, if you have a few students who are struggling to keep up with the sequence of asanas you have chosen to teach, or you have a few students who seem to far surpass the ability level of the class that your teaching, you may wish to recommended that these students go to other Yoga classes that more closely match their ability level. As you begin to ascertain the overall level of most of your students in the classes that you teach, you will more easily be able to lead them through a sequence of asanas that is both accessible and challenging, while still maintaining the safety of your students throughout the practice.

Improving Yoga Student Safety: Modifying Yoga Poses

Supported Reclining Goddess Pose is usually practiced towards the end portion of a Yoga class, and often just prior to Shavasana. When you are ready to lead your students through the practice of Supported Reclining Goddess Pose, ask your students to place a bolster or rolled blanket near their mat, if they are using the support of a prop today. As they lie down, have them place the Yoga bolster or blanket horizontally across the top of their mat and just underneath their shoulder blades, so that the expansion of their heart is more fully supported in a comfortable fashion.

Yoga Studio Harassment Prevention

By Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 500 Like any other workplace, it is important for yoga teachers to stay up-to-date on harassment prevention, whether it is physical, sexual, verbal, or another form of harassment. With recent headlines seeming to indicate that harassment in the studio is on the rise, it's especially imperative that instructors take steps to [...]

Safety Guidelines For Physical Assists

By Gopi Rao The practice of physical assisting or adjusting during yoga tends to receive a mixed review from students and teachers. While some students welcome the idea, others are more comfortable with verbal adjustments due to personal space. There are also teachers who are more at ease with verbal assisting instead of physical. However, [...]

Preventing Accidents in the Yoga Studio

By Kimaya Singh Any owner of a business understands the need for liability insurance. Accidents happen and it is not possible to control clients although you may caution them against the dangers. Asking clients to sign a liability waiver is certainly a must, but what can you do to prevent accidents in your yoga studio [...]

How and When to Correct My Yoga Students

By Ishrattasleem Tasleem Nowadays, people are living a busy and hectic lifestyle; fatigue is a common complaint of modern life. The sense of a fragmented and displaced lifestyle is found among people of all age groups and genders. To get rid of all the worries, stale energy, and effects of stress, yoga has proven to [...]

Secrets of Successful Yoga Teachers

Advertising is bad? How will people know I teach, if I keep it a secret? I've heard it all and the best one was a yoga diva who preached to us about why creating a celebrity presence was wrong. I paid $500 to hear that lecture! No, somebody else paid for me to go. By the way, she has a few dozen DVDs on the market, books, and a huge studio with money rolling onto the sidewalk. So, what do you do if you don't have the celebrity status of a diva? Most yoga instructors just want enough to get by, but I ask you to think a little bigger and stop listening to pessimists.

How Do Yoga Teachers Get Jobs

The purpose of the cover letter is to briefly introduce yourself so that prospective employers will look at your resume. After they look at your resume, they may decide to call you in for an interview. After the interview, you should send them the thank you letter for inviting you to the interview. These three documents should be generic in nature; they should be templates that outline the ideas that you wish to communicate. Then, when you need to deploy them, customize them to fit your particular job application.

What to Expect as a Yoga Instructor

One of the expectations of being a yoga instructor is that you should be an avid public speaker. The career does not necessarily require you to take to the podium and articulate about some mantra, ideology or rhetoric, but public speaking traits are a major aspect of any teaching career. This attribute is particularly important when you are teaching corporate yoga. If you are to rise above ranks and get to the level of teaching corporate yoga you need to equip yourself with good language skills and the essentials of effective communication.

Five Benefits of Yoga Instructor Courses

The gentle stretching and toning movements of yoga, help the body realize that it is not in a state of danger. We begin to relax, calm down, and unwind. Inflammation begins to dissipate. Muscles that were braced to leap into action begin to relax. Overall, pain is reduced or eliminated. After a week or two of yoga, participants feel an amazing sense of well-being and a dramatic cessation of aches and pains.