Teaching Yoga Asana Modification

Sometimes, a Yoga instructor is like the conductor of an orchestra. The many minds of our students are multi-tasking, but we want to bring them into the moment and into their practice. As you may have learned during yoga teacher training: Good minds do not always think alike.

Teaching Yoga: Assisting Asanas

Teaching a Yoga class is a unique experience, and every class is different. The range of students, along with their comfort and ability levels will obviously vary. As Yoga teachers, we learn to make Yogic methodology an accessible activity for people, no matter what his or her fitness levels are.

Yoga Poses for Nurturing the Earth Element

Generally speaking, seated Yoga asanas are practiced towards the end of Yoga practice after Sun Salutations, standing and backbending postures. If you are short on time, you may also practice Supported Upavistha Konasana as a "stand alone" asana.

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