I am interested in your Yoga home-study course, but I live outside the United States. What can you tell me about extra fees for your instructor training program?

Shipping cost depends upon the destination and the type of shipping service. Generally speaking, the further our Yoga course travels, the more expensive the shipping will be. The services we use are Priority Mail and Express Mail. Both of them are easy to track, and are very reasonable in price, if you compare them to [...]

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I tried to log in to your Yoga teacher training web site – my Email and password were rejected at the accounts page. Can you tell me why I have not received the newsletter lately?

About not receiving our newsletter: We constantly ask subscribers to add us to their address book and please check their spam filters for legitimate Email. Your filter system may have classified us as Spam. If our newsletter is in your spam filter, and you clear your Spam filter out, without looking, our system gets a [...]

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How exactly do the Monthly Payment Option plans work for Yoga Teacher Training?

Aura Wellness Center offers payment plans for non-digital Yoga Teacher Training Courses $300 or higher.  These payment plans are completed over 3 months in 3 monthly installments. (Courses on sale are not applicable). *Level 2 Complete Courses are the only exception ($997 and higher), they can be put into 4 monthly payments. Initially, both Options need [...]

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What is your policy on re-certification?

All the reputable Yoga organizations that handle licensing for Yoga instructors believe in continuing education courses and the re-certification process. It is very easy to become stale and "rest on your laurels," after graduation. As a certified Yoga teacher, you should stay current and be sharp. This means, attending workshops, taking continuing education workshops, reading [...]

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What is your Privacy Policy?

AURA, Inc. collects Email addresses and postal addresses of those who contact us via Email or postal mail. We use this information to notify visitors about Yoga information and when there are changes to our website. We never have, and never will, share any information of any kind, about you, to third parties. On occasion, [...]

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