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Meditation for World Peace
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April 27, 2015
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November 3, 2012 - 9:34 pm
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How can yoga and meditation help world peace? This sounds like an off the wall concept, but is it? If all you know is conflict, pain, agony, suffering and loss of life, the idea of peace would seem strange by itself. When you add yoga or meditation to the equation it sounds like a nice thought, but will it work? Not only is it being promoted as a tool for world peace in the 21st century, but researchers are documenting the results.

Studies of diverse groups, ranging from school children to prisoners, show that meditation not only reduces negative thinking and impulsive behavior, but it also improves attention span and self-esteem. As individual behavior changes, so do group dynamics, and meditation becomes an effective means of promoting cooperation and trust.
Thicht Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese monk and peace activist, talks about the importance of using mindfulness techniques to come to terms with one's personal anger and frustration. Only when a person is happy and content, he says, can he become an instrument for peace in the world around him.

Mindfulness is a simple but powerful form of meditation. Its benefits include the following:

Learning to live in the present moment
Promoting inner healing, growth, and wisdom
Consciously reducing stress and negativity
Reawakening emotions and sensations
Reducing the need for addictions or self-sabotage
Increasing clarity and insight through awareness
Creating a sense of connection
Supporting a daily meditation practice

The old stereotype of mindfulness being for Buddhist monks or passive people who sit for hours in cross-legged positions is giving way to a new model that becomes a part of daily routines and may include eating, walking, writing, or even working. This new practice dispels the belief that meditation requires the following traits:

Living a frugal and quiet life
Being a moderate thinker
Releasing all thoughts or relaxing
Eating a vegetarian diet
Living in a state of bliss
Adhering to any particular belief system

Mindfulness serves a valuable role in helping medical workers, counselors, volunteers, and members of the military cope with issues like burn out and post traumatic stress. Whether used to help school children or victims of violence, the practice is inexpensive, easily taught, and readily available. In fact, this type of training should be included in every yin yoga teacher training intensive course.

Operating on the principle that outer peace comes from inner peace, meditation has the potential to change the world.


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April 27, 2015
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October 16, 2014 - 12:41 pm
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Can meditation bring world peace? The process of meditation is a curative system of training and creating mind to become more stable, calm, comfortable, attach to goodness and enhanced qualitative mind approach. According to the teachings of Buddhism this method of deep concentration is beneficial for achieving inner peace and tranquility because when our mind becomes free from all worries, scattered thoughts, feelings and discomfort we experience immediate and long lasting happiness.

The techniques of meditation work as vitamin for mind, cleanse body, brighten soul and offer numerous benefits for overall wellness of human being. These techniques are helpful for releasing tension, reducing stress and blood pressure along with boosting up immunity system, increasing awareness, improving concentration and transmitting positive attitude. Scientific studies and researches prove that those individuals who practiced meditational exercises regularly begin to experience the world through new sensation, state of clarity, unconditional love and care for other people also the way to lead a disciplined life. The practice enables to eradicate negative thoughts and pessimistic approach of mind like self centeredness, insensitive attitude and unkindness within our self.

It is a simple process of focusing deeply on any material, own breath, mantra or sacred wordings performed easily by anyone with no age limit and gender. It is important that each and every person should realize the necessity of inner peace in this troubled world because inner peace provides peaceful mind and without inner peace outer peace is impossible. After creating and achieving calmness within ourselves, harmony in the whole world can be acquired. When majority of the people in this universe have serene mind the actual and never ending peace in the world will definitely take place therefore the practice of meditational exercises should performed by people individually or in groups to expand happiness and tranquility from inside to outside world. According to the prove given by Spirit Science and Metaphysics group meditational procedure has power to change the universe as this process is not only provides us the method to reduce stress or increase awareness but also has the potential to transform the whole planet. Around 150 studies confirm the advantages of meditation and its effect on everything around the globe.

As per stated in the result of an experiment performed in the year 1980, during the Lebanon war 1000 people took part in meditation in Jerusalem for global peace, the war casualties in Lebanon reduced by over 75%, traffic accidents, fire and other destructive events also got down when these participants meditated. The world peace and meditation day is celebrated every year on 31st December since 1986, people from all around the globe of different religions, faith and nationality take part in this event. They come together to join their mind to meditate for bringing love, kindness, forgiveness and harmony all around the globe.

There are various techniques of meditation that are practiced at present time but a good way to start the practice individually is by focusing on the inhalation and exhalation after taking some deep breath, by sensing breathing and body parts after that continue to think about some intentions or goals to achieve such as love, tranquility, kindness and charity. Sometimes a mantra or sacred words and sentences are verbally repeated to obtain deep focus. Visualization is another form through which we can attain full concentration.


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August 13, 2014
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July 26, 2015 - 6:45 pm
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For world peace to take hold, we must look for methods to prevent violence. One solution is meditation of any kind. Meditation to stop violence: According to Dalai Lama, “if everyone in this world which is 8 years old should taught meditation, we can easily eradicate violence from world’s one generation.”

Violence is defined as an action which is result of various emotional, social and physical illnesses like anger, hatred, frustration, guilt, loneliness, powerlessness and poverty. At present age our societies are not so different from barbarians although the whole world is equipped with modern scientific technologies but humans lack basic principles of living life with love, peace and harmony. Hatred, anger, frustration and negative thoughts are the actual destroyers of happiness and peaceful life, all these elements are also said to be main causes of violent behaviors because it is a way of expressing resentment. The humanity is in trouble due to following the path of anger, frustration and hatred. All the people who have violent behaviors are not bad; they only need help, love, support and compassion to overcome bitterness or suffering they had gone through.

There are several ways to deal with violence, nowadays according to several studies and researches yoga therapy along with meditational process is a perfect way to stop violent activities. The structural frame work of yoga is based upon Patanjali’s sutras of eight fold path or limbs in which the first two limbs Yamas and Niyamas describe ethical guidelines, ways to deal with people around us and attitude towards others. Ahimsa is the first wise characteristic in the list of Yamas and is frequently interpreted as non violence or non harming attribute as the essence of this trait is to become non- harming for other people. The studies have proved numerous benefits of ancient yogic methodology for providing ability to impart more relaxed and peaceful emotional environment for people having violent nature.

Yoga mat is the only path to reduce violence because yoga physical postures and guided meditation are highly effective approaches to encourage and empower anyone dealing with emotional illness. The exercises give internal focus, self control and equipped an individual with the skill to manage negative feelings of anger, hatred or powerlessness by providing calmness and peace of mind. The therapeutic techniques of yoga prop us to become aware of inner darkness with detachment and compassionably, it teach us how to discharge negative energies with optimistic intentions. While practicing meditational process the person silently focused on mantras or sacred wordings which help mind to disengage it from thought process and experience the state of pure consciousness.

Incorporating yoga postures (asanas), controlled breathing patterns and meditation in daily routine may helpful in eliminating feeling of hatred, violence and negative emotions from insight by offering deep relaxation to both body and mind. As per stated in a research conducted, mindfulness meditational approach increases ability to control negative thoughts and violent behavior among youth, breathing technique of ujjayi or alternate nostril breathing calms response towards surroundings and provide peace of mind. There are also some asanas which are individually helpful for reconnecting us with true essence of inner soul and give self awareness, these poses are forward fold, head to knee forward bend, cobra, bridge and supported headstand pose.  

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