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Yoga for Sports
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April 27, 2015
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April 27, 2015 - 3:26 pm
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Yoga for golfers: The physical activity of yoga offers numerous health benefits that mainly include augment in physical and mental strength. It has become a miraculous workout routine that transform our livelihood by promoting flexibility, strength and fitness also increases range of motion in muscles and joints above all it assists in improving mental concentration. Yoga benefits are proven scientifically, techniques of this physical activity are valuable for anyone, may be a sportsman or other, in particular it is valuable for golfers.

Basically the system of yoga is directly associated with body, mind and breathe connection. Therefore practicing this form of physical workout by a golfer helps to improve mental focus, game performance and consistency also increases body balance, mobility, strength, flexibility and breath control. This sport requires a great deal of practice, skill and calmness of mind that why classes of yoga for golfers are specifically designed according to their game requirements for developing mental discipline, stability and game mastering. The practice provides numerous health benefits for achieving effective club control, visualization capabilities and correct weight distribution.

Yoga improves stability and balance efficiently essentially needed by golfers, as most of the standing poses in yoga require higher level of body balance and stability. Correct body posture is a key element for playing golf. The game also requires sense of accurate body balance, weight shift, good core activation and most favorable spinal position. Most of the golf players complain about lower back pain due to repeated spinal rotation, therefore increasing flexibility during spinal rotation is important from preventing injuries. The most beneficial aspect of practicing yoga is improving core muscular strength; the stronger trunk muscles support spinal movement and reduction in lower back strain. Regular practice of yoga helps golfers from having back injury by strengthening back muscles and countering other issues. These classes focus mainly on quieting mind and breathe control techniques to acquire relaxation and concentration, also for achieving proper body alignment, symmetry to increase power. The practice enables golfers to perform their best game by minimizing discomforts, risk of injury and extending body ability to play better and with sheer confidence.

There are some essential yoga poses and stretches for golf players that improve their mental focus, core stability, balance, flexibility and strength.

Plank pose: This pose works for strengthening muscles, makes back stronger, stabilizes middle part of body and provides power while swinging club.

Forward Fold pose: This pose works for stretching out hamstrings and loosing hips with deep exhalation and inhalation process to provide relaxation.

Bound angle pose: This pose is helpful to open and increase flexibility of hips due to which players can swing properly and give best powerful speed for swing.

Locust pose: It is helpful for building strength in back and prevents from injuries.

Seated twist pose: This helps for increasing spinal flexibility and strengthens core muscles.

Revolved crescent lunge: It is a spinal rotation in combination with hip flexor stretch, helps to strengthen back and abdominal muscles.

Half lord of the fish pose: This type of twisting posture is effectual for developing balance between right and left side of the body as it opens chest, torso and tight hips.

Kneeling balance pose: It is an excellent posture for improving core strength, body coordination and balance.


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April 27, 2015
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May 1, 2015 - 2:23 pm
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Here are some Yoga exercises for soccer players. Yoga is one of the most helpful techniques that help in building strength, improving flexibility and keeping the body in shape. Athletes and people engaged in different sports require fit body, abundant strength and stamina to complete their game or competition and if they are unable to do so, yoga is the answer to their worries. It helps out muscles to prepare them for strenuous activities and also from preventing fatal back, leg or any other types of injury.

Soccer is widely popular and the most commonly played game of world. It requires great deal of stamina, power and strength to make it, till the end of the game without harming the body. According to research and clinical observations it is verified that yoga exercises are highly effective and beneficial for soccer players as it can be helpful for improving their strength, durability and also for maintaining their level of energy throughout game. It has been also proved that players that perform yoga techniques daily are less likely to face any major injury. Soccer is basically a fast paced game and requires players to run like 7-8 miles in the game if the player is not in his perfect form and shape he might damage the body. However, yoga can prevent it by loosening the muscles and saving the joints from extreme stress. Following are certain poses and postures that can really help a soccer player to improve flexibility and strength of hamstrings, leg, back and hip muscles.

Seated Forward Bend: Soccer players are needed to run for several miles in the game, for that they need to have strong knee joints, quadriceps, back and leg muscles which can be attained through this pose. Seated Forward Bend helps in healing and stretching the back muscles of the body. It is performed by sitting on the floor with legs straight out in front. Feet are needed to be kept together, and then the performer needs to inhale and lean forward towards the foot. Throughout this posture the performer needs to keep on inhaling and exhaling so that both the lungs can get equal amount of oxygen.

Gate Pose: This posture is really helpful for the hamstrings and the leg muscles. It helps in strengthening the muscles and preparing them for much more vigorous activities.
Triangle pose: This pose helps in stretching the leg, chest, knee and abdominal muscles which can be really helpful for a soccer player. The stretching and strengthening of muscles can play a major role in keeping the body fit and preventing from any major injury.

Hero Pose: Hero pose helps in increasing flexibility of the upper thighs, legs and hips, it also helps in strengthening the spine which can be really advantageous for a soccer player. This pose should be held for four to five minutes for maximum advantages.

Three way strap pose: Three way strap pose is one of the most challenging postures, it can help in maintaining balance, stamina, strength and flexibility. It is beneficial for each and every athlete. It also requires long languid breathing to calm and relax the inner body and muscles.


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August 13, 2014
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May 4, 2015 - 2:21 pm
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About Yoga for swimmers: The ancient therapy of yoga is a perfect combination of bodily postures, breathing techniques and meditational process. This physical activity works on improving all levels of body, mind and spirit. Regular practice of yoga helps to develop and increase physical and mental strength, stamina, flexibility, ability to concentrate and focus.

It is proven through several clinical evidences that techniques of yoga are highly advantageous for professional swimmers and best option for training under or outside water. Yoga and swimming workout regimes harmonize each other as both of them require great deal of patience, energy and discipline. Therefore it is beneficial for every swimmer to practice this form of physical activity to attain deep relaxation, breath control, mental clarity and strong abdominal muscles. The slow and gentle movements help to strengthen core muscles, shoulders, arms, chest and hip joints. The practice of asanas helps to improve body flexibility, mental focus and concentration also aids in boosting up stamina and restoring energy levels.

Swimmers are often inundated with some common issues of shoulder, Achilles tendon, lower back or hip flexors injuries because they carry out repetitive strokes by using their limbs, shoulders and lower back. These body parts should be made much stronger and flexible as compared to others, many health experts suggested yoga therapy for addressing and combating all these issues faced by a swimmer. Yoga exercises are helpful for developing coordination between mind and body while swimming. Classes of yoga for swimmers mainly focus on developing align body which sometimes become imbalance also making legs, arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles strong by increasing mobility. The paranayama breathing, an important part of yoga helps to get awareness of deep breathing under water whereas balancing poses help to develop sense of body stability on land and in water.

Here are some poses that assist swimmers in and out water to improve their performance.

Downward facing Dog:

The pose is helpful for strengthening arms and legs, stretching shoulders, hamstrings and calves.
Upward facing Dog:

The asana helps to stretch chest, lungs, shoulders and abdomen. This pose also helps to improve body posture, lengthens back muscles and strengthens spines, wrist, hands and for firming glutes.

Cobra Pose:

The posture is helpful for improving body alignment, strengthening lower back, spines and toning of shoulders, chest and core. Due to stretching the fatigue or stress is reduced as this pose is said to be an ideal pose for awakening kundalini, according to ancient yoga text. It enhances functioning of lungs and heart by improving breathing capacity and circulation of blood.

Cow face Pose:

This seated pose is ideal to keep biceps and triceps toned of a swimmer as this will help to stretch and strengthen chest, hips, shoulders, ankle, back muscles and vertebral column.

Locust Pose:

This asana helps to make back and core strong, align body and lengthens limbs. It also stimulates abdominal muscles and tones chest, belly, thighs and shoulders.

Bow Pose:

This stretch helps to strengthen thighs, ankles, abdomen, chest, groin, hip flexors and neck. It provides ease in back pain, tones back and core.

Bridge Pose:

This supine posture helps to open up chest, hands and neck muscles. Makes back and thighs strong also reduce stress by calming down mind.

Child Pose:

This pelvic and hip flexor pose is a wonderful stretch that strengthens and tone hips, thighs also provide reduction in backache, neck pain and stress. It increases supply of blood to brain for improving mental focus and concentration.

Bound Angle Pose:

This will help swimmers to get relief from hips stiffness, make them strong also stretches and tones inner thighs, knees and groin. The pose provides comfort from pain and stress also aids in restoring energy levels.

Alternate Nostril Breathing:

This breathing exercise helps to increase capacity of lungs, cardiovascular health and circulation of blood. The breathing pattern trains them how to hold breath while swimming by maintaining focus and concentration also helps to reduce stress from body.

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