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Why I Love Yoga!
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April 27, 2015
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July 8, 2005 - 5:56 pm
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Hi there,

Thought I would tell you all why I love yoga. My main reason is it keeps me sane. ( I am truly serious!) I have an 11 year old son with special needs and every day is a struggle. Yoga gives me peace and a sense of serenity that I have never had before. I choose to do my practice at the end of the day and it truly helps me center myself and realize that no matter how tough the day was, I have taken this time for myself.

The rewards are endless. I chose to get certified to become a yoga instructor to pass this feeling on to many of the other Mom's that I know that have special children - and to those who have normal children as well. Being at peace and having a sense of yourself is the best gift a parent can give a child.




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April 27, 2015
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December 5, 2010 - 12:10 am
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Yoga As A Form Of Human Art

By Dave Ben

Education is the cornerstone towards gaining knowledge of yoga poses. For a lasting outcome an attitude of perseverance must be set in order to become trained in yoga. Becoming disheartened is a common trend amongst beginners in any starting practice and loosing focus happens but with persistence one can attain long term lasting results with yoga. To be able to practice the art of yoga by the book effectively,

Your body and mind must be relaxed through breathing to start with. Built up tension or stiff muscles may delay progression and the end result is not achieved. If you have doubts and concerns at the time of your yoga session just dissolve them in the moment as if there's nothing else to think about but breathing and the flow of movement. The trick is to realize the power of now and to dissolve all anxieties with the rhythm of the breath. To separate oneself from physical and mental bondage's of this world the practice must maintained, with an attitude aimed toward the cultivation of lasting joy and physical well being. Pursuing knowledge in the form of yoga increases ones desire to reach the unattainable a burning passion is ignited to excel beyond the current state of being. Development of dormant attributes is another side effect of yoga.

Coming into balance with one's mind is a gift that only the Gods can give,yoga allows this gift to be received in full. Significant changes can emotionally be felt and visible changes noted.Polluted thinking is broken down and blockages that restrict physical development and conscious evolution are removed with continued practice and dedication.It 's an art form of many benefits and can fulfill the lacking void in one's life. It is a life saver in many ways and will continue to change many bodies and minds for years to come.

I love to do yoga


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April 27, 2015
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December 7, 2010 - 9:52 pm
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Yoga is a wonderful gift from God almighty. It is both art and science. Practice of yoga helps to overcome stress and frustration that we face in our day to day life. It helps to keep our mind body and soul calm and in vibrant condition. As we all know our mind and body are inter-related if something happens to the mind it will affect the body and vice versa.

Being healthy is our birth right. Visiting a physician or joining a health club or heath center will not make us healthy. Most of us assume that being muscular is being healthy. But sadly I have to say that it is entirely wrong. Being healthy means complete harmony of our body mind and soul. It is not just being muscular. Being healthy is entirely in our hands. But in present day condition it is becoming more and more difficult to keep oneself healthy. All sorts of evil have crept into our society corruption, murders, Cut-trot competition all these contribute to the progressive degeneration of human body and mind. By observing certain yogic principle we could maintain sound health. One could find inner piece joy and strength by practicing yoga.

Health means to know one self or our inner self. Yoga is the key to our inner self. Now a days whole atmosphere is surcharged with tension and various type of pollution. Even our working condition, hours and work style have changed all these factors leads to a significant amount of loss of energy form our body. We are unaware of this and we still blame the environment condition.If we catch fever or cold we blame weather forgetting the whole process of heath generated with in our-self. It is proven fact that the body itself have defense mechanism that prevent our body form getting disease. But when these defensive mechanism fails we get disease. By the practice of yoga not only our mind is benefited but also intrinsic strength of the inner organs is increase there by increase the toxin elimination process and hence increase in the immunity power of the body.

So in order to be fit both physically and mentally one should practice yoga if you invest your time in learning and practicing yoga I can guarantee you that " you will never regret learning yoga."


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April 27, 2015
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December 11, 2010 - 12:38 am
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Yoga is a physical practice with physiological, emotional and spiritual benefits. It involves stretching, breathing, building incredible strength in your body and developing equanimity in your mind--and sometimes can involve sitting still and standing on your head!! The word yoga literally translates as 'union' or the yoking of opposites. Yoga will empower you to bring balance into your life.

Whatever level you are at in your yoga practice, each day you do yoga is different than the last. And the myriad of benefits is dynamic as well. Yes, you will get in great shape: building lean muscle tone from the full range of motion involved in yoga, increasing your metabolism therefore burning more fat and slimming down to a weight that is natural for your frame, increasing flexibility and cultivating a strong, supple spine. But even more importantly, with a regular yoga practice you can develop a deep and compassionate relationship with yourself--a relationship that will not be tenuous, or at the mercy of the inevitable ebbs and flows of positive events in your life.

So, how does yoga connect me with myself? There are a lot of things going on simultaneously when you practice yoga. Let's look at them individually for a moment.

On a physical level a yoga class consists of a series of postures (asanas) that you move into, hold and move out of--all the while maintaining a deep, calm, continuous breath. The integration of rhythmic breathing and movement is key to moving deeply into your body and your experience and receiving the benefits of yoga.

What is happening in my body when I do yoga? Physically the postures strengthen your muscles, lengthen and elongate your spine and increase overall flexibility in your body.

On a physiological level this allows your body to release tension, muscle by muscle, that is stored in the body as a result of the contrast you encounter in your everyday life. Psychologically as you do your yoga practice daily you engender a sense of trust and competency in yourself. You start to believe in your abilities. Instead of folding and saying, "Oh, I can't do this," you stay with the posture and in a safe and controlled way you explore it. This fosters a self-confidence that will envelope and dissolve the negative self-talk that may have been a life-long habit. And since the postures themselves are never-ending, each person along a lifetime can find new levels of exploration in a posture and therefore always encounter spaces for growth, challenge and self-trust.

There are physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual benefits of the breath work component of yoga as well. On a physical level, deep, long nostril breathing creates a calm thread, a seamless rhythm for the mind to relax upon--imagine a boat on soft waves--while you are doing your practice. This allows the mind to quiet. When a busy mind is able to quiet you are able to sink into the moment. Those moments calm and rejuvenate your spirit. Not worrying about tomorrow or lamenting yesterday. Instead, it's experiencing yourself and your body right now. Physiologically, this kind of predictable breathing brings a constant flow of fresh oxygen to all the cells of your body, allowing oxygenated blood to flood your muscles, organs and brain. Many people hold their breath as they go throughout their day.

Deep breath can create a sense of euphoria and well-being at the same time as it will feed the cells of your body so you can do the physical work of stretching, holding and opening in your practice. Psychologically and spiritually a long, deep calm breath acts as a continuous, unbreakable thread that weaves through your practice, your day, your life--no matter what is happening in your world. Life events, emotional or interpersonal fluctuations, happiness and sadness, disappointment and elation, joyous surprise and despair--life moves past you as a never-ending tapestry being woven in front of your eyes. Instead of being tossed helplessly by each event--up and down, back and forth like a buoy on a raging ocean--your breath: long, continuous and calm keeps your mind calm and your body fed so you can experience your life instead of being victim to its events. Your breath creates a connection to yourself that allows your eternal spirit, that part of you that sees it all and knows all is truly well in your world, to thrive no matter what life offers you.

So--what happens when you bring these postures and the breath together? A yoga class happens. You can do yoga alone or with a class. When you begin you may feel fearful or worried, "what if I can't do it?" There is nothing to 'be done'. You practice yoga to explore yourself, strengthen your body and calm your mind. If someone is more flexible than you are all that means is that they have to go further to find sensation. And the same thing is happening for everyone--we all reach for that place of sensation, breathe and play with creating space, moving a little deeper, noticing what feelings and thoughts we encounter at this place, and enjoying the feeling of being entirely in the moment, in sync with our bodies, breath and spirit.


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April 27, 2015
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December 15, 2010 - 7:41 pm
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For a person to have a truly beautiful body and radiate that beauty they must be flexible. Yoga is considered the best way the world over to gain that flexibility. Yoga stretching should never be considered a competition. As you practice yoga you will find that you are more flexible in some areas than others. You will also find that a great deal of energy begins to return to you. This is the kind of energy you had as a kid. Not just the physical energy, but the mental energy that makes you want to live life.

It has been said and repeated down through the ages that you are as young as your spine is flexible. Take a moment and look at the people you know. I am sure you know that older person that is full of energy and always seems to be on the go. Take a closer look and you will see that they are very flexible for their age. Now look at a person who is younger, that seems much older then their age. Again you will find that this person is very stiff and inflexible.

The word yoga literally means union. The practice of yoga asanas will bring the body, mind and spirit together as one. Most people as they sit now are fragmented. This means that their body has it's own desires and pulls in one way while the mind and spirit are pulling in other directions. This causes internal conflict, addictions, obesity and a host of other problems. When these conflicts are present the person cannot operate as a cohesive unit, causing them to only live partially or not to live up to their potential.

There now exist many different types of yoga with countless subgroups. All of these different types of yoga have one goal in common and that is the union of the person. There are two main types of yoga that most people are concerned with. The first is Hatha yoga and this is the physical asanas or exercises. The second is Raja yoga, this this the type of yoga that involves meditation.

Hatha yoga, even for the beginner will start to make you feel more alive. The simple looking asanas can have amazing effects on your inner and outer beauty while transforming the spirit. When one takes a look at the asanas without practicing it is hard to believe what incredible transformation power they hold. With just a couple days of practice you will begin to feel your body and entire being transforming.

Raja yoga or the practice of meditation will seemingly transform those around you. Without any noticeable changes in yourself, people you encounter will become friendlier, more helpful and just all around more enjoyable to be with. You will even begin to get that close parking space, find things come to you when you need them and a host of other positive things. One reason for this is the inner beauty you begin to radiate.

Yoga can be called the proverbial fountain of youth. With just a little consistent practice you will be able to see your life and the life's of those around you change for the better.


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April 27, 2015
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November 13, 2013 - 1:56 am
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I love yoga because of the benefits it gives my students. Yoga has been seen as a calming and spiritual meditation that helps your body relax. New research points to the fact that yoga can help maintain your health and weight as long as it is practiced regularly. However, the new findings point not only to yoga having to do with healthy living, but certain yoga poses can affect different parts of your body.

The first poses anyone learns in yoga are most likely the restorative poses. Not requiring much skill, restorative poses steady your breathing and connecting muscle contractions with our breathing rhythm. Child's pose would be the most popular of these, focusing on the restful peace you feel while practicing it. The Corpse pose, or one of complete relaxation, is a pose for a cool down. In many yoga studios, this pose is used to calm the muscles after an advanced class, or restoring the mind after a beginner class.

Seated yoga poses provide breathing exercises as well as deep muscle opening. By sitting with legs crossed, leg muscles and joints within the entire leg region are stretched and strengthened; poses such as the Hero, Lotus, and Reclining Hero all have these benefits. These sitting positions also relieve menstrual cramping, swelling of leg regions, and open the hips.

Standing yoga poses focus on strength and breathing. The strength of your legs and arms work together with breathing regimens that provides energy for your entire body. Correct breathing is an important aspect of the more advanced yoga poses, such as standing and arm poses. Poses such as the Warrior, Side Stretch, and Hand to Toe are standing poses in which benefit your perseverance, mind, balance, and focus.

Core poses are mainly done using the abdominal muscles. These poses are practiced to strengthen core and the abdominal region. Poses known as the Plank, Dolphin Plank, and Cat are known to benefit digestive organs, thighs, core, arms, and balance. Balance is an important aspect of core poses. Starting with beginner level core poses will help you gain muscle and flexibility so you may work your way up to more advanced core poses.

All of these poses have specific regions of the body in which they benefit. However, a combination or compilation of these motions may prove effective throughout your body, positively affecting all regions. If yoga is practiced regularly and you challenge yourself, your movements, strength, and agility will increase with time.


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April 27, 2015
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October 16, 2014 - 3:17 am
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Dear Jeanne,

It is nice to hear that from you Joanne and having a special child can really be a challenge. you are a very strong woman because despite the difficulty of being a mother of a child who has greater demands of care and assistance, you still have thoughts to help other mothers with same situation.

Wish you all the best,

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February 4, 2019
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March 29, 2019 - 7:27 am
Awaiting Moderation

I am a yoga instructor and want to share my yoga knowledge here in this platform. If you want to learn yoga, then i must prefer you to join Yoga Teacher Training in India where you will learn deep aspects of yoga.

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